Why wood is the best choice for playroom furniture

When planning a playroom for your home, if you’re lucky enough to have this valuable extra space(!), you will need to be creative in how to lay it out.

Besides the toys and the displays on the wall, you also want to consider the best furniture for the room, given its purpose.

If you are ever planning to home-school too, then you’ll really need to give some consideration to the type of furniture you pick for the room.  Luckily, there are several suppliers of wooden day-care furniture you can choose, one of which is Plutar.

Many people give preference to plastics to furnish their playrooms, while others give more priority to wood.

Today I’m going to share some of the reasons why wood is a great choice for your playroom furniture.

Why wood is the best choice for playroom furniture


Wood has a natural, long-lasting property than materials like plastics. They’re more durable and can stand the test of time.

Unlike materials like plastic, wood ages beautifully and doesn’t lose its natural attractiveness.

Many people believe plastic to be durable, and whilst it is wipe clean, once it has dents, scratches or cracks, there’s nothing you can usually do to fix these.  With wood, all these issues can be repaired reasonably easily.

If your playroom is furnished with woods, you won’t have to purchase new furniture regularly because the current ones look old. All you need to do is to polish the wood, maybe sand it, it’ll regain its charming nature, and then begin to glow once again.

Dents, scratches and cracks can quickly make plastics look unattractive and need replacing, costing more money in the long run.

Remember that you can’t escape scratch and dents in playroom furniture since they are used by kids!

Wood is preferable because it can absorb wear and tear more easily, or at least be repaired easily to look like new.

Why wood is the best choice for playroom furniture

More economical

If you are looking for playroom furniture that sells at a cheaper rate but needs to be changed often, you could opt for plastic furniture.  But, you must be aware of the terrible damage plastic and its production is doing to our planet, so even though it’s cheap and can be changed regularly, is that really the right choice?

Wood is more expensive than plastic, but it is more economical. It lasts for an extended period, and won’t require to be changed often.

Wood can be reused

If you don’t like the design of your preschool furniture any longer, you can convert the existing furniture to your desired design without always needing to purchase new pieces.

Rather than changing wood furniture, you can upcycle it, fix it and maybe even remodel it into something else.

Even if you want to change the theme or colour of the room you will be able to stain wood furniture a new colour or even use wood paints to make it fun and bright.

This is practically impossible for materials like plastic. If you’re not comfortable with the plastic furniture in your playroom, you may be left with no choice but to purchase a new one and dispose of the old ones.

Why wood is the best choice for playroom furniture

Wood over plastic

I think most of us would mistakenly think of plastic being the first choice for a playroom given it’s wipe clean surfaces and colourful designs. 

However, when you think about it a little more you’ll realise plastic may be cheap, but once broken or damaged you’ll have to throw it out and replace it.  It’s not great for your wallet or the environment!

Wooden furniture gives a much longer lasting solution that can also be updated and redesigned as the children grow and tastes change.

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