Why you should consider Amtico vinyl flooring

Choosing new vinyl flooring is already a challenge but hearing good reviews around town will help you dedicate yourself to deciding. Finding a luxury vinyl flooring which meets all your requirements in both the domestic and aesthetic sense is a win!

Amtico, one of the most popular brands of vinyl flooring, is the brand to look to if you want to achieve renovation success.

Why you should consider Amtico vinyl flooring

How did Amtico come about?

Amtico is the UK’s leading luxury vinyl flooring brand for domestic spaces. Amtico flooring is designed with the highest durability in mind, alongside textures and colour palettes which are incredibly replicated to represent natural materials.

Similar to laminate flooring, Amtico planks and tiles are bound materials which host multiple layers of sustainable materials which establish comfort underfoot and a moisture proof layer as the very surface layer which made of a urethane coating.

All tiles can be designed and texturized to replicate the look and feel of real wood, slate and stone flooring, but at a fraction of the cost of the real deal.  This is what makes it such a popular choice with homeowners.

The benefits of Amtico flooring

Long lasting – Amtico offers a legitimately better alternative to other flooring materials, which is why Amtico is both more cost effective and a long-term solution to domestic accidents and damages.  It is more expensive than some budget vinyl flooring brands, but you’re paying for a product for the long term, that looks more realistic and will stand the test of time.

Even the cheapest Amtico flooring in the UK is so amazingly sustainable that it has a warranty of 35 years – the brand knows you won’t need to use it! A brand with this amount of support towards their products mustn’t be ignored.

Easy to install – Vinyl flooring is the best product to purchase if you’re looking to save even more money by self-installing your flooring as oppose to paying for a floor fitter. All you need is a couple of spare hours over a weekend if you wish to get down and dirty and do it yourself.

Durable – Amtico vinyl flooring demonstrates the culmination of decades of experience and knowledge in the flooring industry. Their team has over 50 years of experience.  This vinyl flooring company know that the perfect flooring for your home must be scratch, stain and moisture resistant to become a valid option as the potential new vinyl flooring for your home and guarantee longevity and durability.

A household favourite

Whichever room you choose to or need to install Amtico vinyl flooring in your home there is no doubt there is a design and colour palette that’s going to exceed your expectations.

Amtico flooring balances room temperatures so effectively that it even pairs perfectly with underfloor heating. It locks in natural room temperature for that toasty underfoot feeling, whilst helping you keep your heating bills down.

All Amtico collections are state of the art. Your home will feel like a totally new building once you install Click Smart or Spacia Parquet.

If you’re on the hunt for new flooring or vinyl flooring, then consider Amtico for a product that’s cheaper than the real deal, but still looks just like the real deal and will last decades.

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