Why you should shop with indie businesses for furniture

If you are looking to upgrade the furniture in your home then it can be tempting to turn to the big players and chain stores for this. After all, we see adverts for them all the time and so they must be good, right? After all, that many people can’t be wrong!

Well it turns out they can and there are a host of detriments to using a large chain conglomerate for your furniture needs as opposed to a smaller independent.

Here we look at just a few reasons why you should reconsider next time you are looking to furnish your home.

Industrial rustic reclaimed wood black metal frame shelving unit

It is their passion

As an independent business, creating furniture is their passion and something they do not just to churn out a specific number of units and create as much money as possible, but because they love it.

It is this passion which drives their success.

When you buy from a large business you are sending money to a large business owner say behind a desk thousands of miles away.

When you shop locally you are helping to support their passion and they will appreciate each and every sale that comes their way.

The money that you spend will also be used to go back into the local community which can help the economy. This is another reason people love handmade furniture.

The quality will be much better

A lot of large furniture companies just push out a high number of units trying to generate as much profit as possible. This means they can scrimp out on materials, might not put in the proper time and effort and could rely on machines to do a lot of the work.

When you buy a handmade piece of furniture it is crafted by an expert skills person who puts the time in to ensure each piece that they produce is of the best quality possible and something they are proud of.

After all, their name will be associated with that piece of furniture and they know how important word of mouth is for future business.

A larger business probably won’t care if they get a few poor reviews as they will continue to make money regardless.

It will be unique

How many times have you walked into someone’s house and recognised a piece of furniture from an Ikea catalogue or something that you have seen in another retail giant?

If you purchase from an independent business the chances of this happening are much smaller.

You won’t end up with the same items and your home will be a lot more tailored to your exact taste and a reflection of your character.

A lot of independent furniture businesses can also tailor a request to your needs and specifications such as size and colour so you have much more flexibility.

These are just a few reasons that you should shop independently for your furniture. By doing so you will reap the many benefits that comes with this. Have you bought much furniture from independent retailers? Has this article changed the way you feel about them?

Why you should shop with indie businesses for furniture

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