Why you should use festoon lighting in your garden

Why you should use festoon lighting in your garden

Entertaining guests or spending time with your family in your garden doesn’t have to be limited to the daytime; outdoor lighting enables you to enjoy your outside space at any time, for any occasion. However, choosing the best way to illuminate your garden can be tricky, especially considering the ease of installation and the durability of lighting in all weather conditions. Luckily, festoon lighting can be the perfect solution. 

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Festoon lights consist of lightbulbs joined together on a cable, which can be hung across ceilings or garden furniture, and they are very recognisable from old Hollywood movies, giving them an air of glamour and fun. Here are the main reasons why you should use festoon lighting in your garden:  

Easy to install

Nowadays, festoon lights are safe and easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about complicated installation issues. It’s easy to screw the lightbulbs into the lighting fixtures on the cable, and once the lights are connected to a power source, it’s extremely simple to hang festoon lighting wherever you’d like, as long as there are attachment points to hold the lights up. What’s more, you can easily find festoon lighting from a wide range of shops and online retailers – for example, you could plug in festoon lights from UltraLEDs to take advantage of their high-quality performance and quick installation.  If you don’t have a plug outdoors then you can opt for solar-powered festoon lighting. 

Why you should use festoon lighting in your garden


As well as being simple to install, festoon lighting will last a long time, saving you money and hassle. Many modern festoon lightbulbs have energy-saving properties and deliver a high level of brightness without expiring at a rapid rate, which means that you can enjoy your festoon lighting for longer. This means that festoon lighting is potentially more cost-effective and better for the environment than other lighting solutions that need to be replaced more often.

Why you should use festoon lighting in your garden


Part of the reason why festoon lights are so long-lasting is that they are extremely durable and able to withstand a range of temperatures and weather conditions, making them the perfect choice for outdoor lighting. In the past, festoon lights were made of glass and were much more fragile, but nowadays, these lights are made of strong plastic and can endure rain, snow and high temperatures. With festoon lighting, you won’t need to worry about your garden lighting being ineffective at certain times of the year.


Festoon lighting is perfect for any party occasion – the word ‘festoon’ is even derived from the Latin word ‘festum’, which means feast! If you love to host garden parties, then festoon lights are the perfect accompaniment to any other party decorations. Festoon lighting is especially useful for lighting up garden furniture at nighttime, including benches or outdoor dining tables, and these lights create a wonderful ambience for al fresco dining with their elegant and classic design.

It’s easy to see why festoon lighting never loses its popularity and is a staple for garden decoration. With its durability, ease of installation, and style, festoon lighting may be exactly what your garden needs. 

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