Wood you love a bit of these decor ideas?

As you’ve probably guessed, we love all things wood!  Our home is primarily white and wood throughout with real oak kitchen worktops, wooden blinds, oak style floors, wood doors and rustic oak shelving in the living room and even bathroom!  I love the look of wood and Ben loves to create with wood now even making his own handmade rustic wooden furniture!

Wood is a natural and appealing choice for interiors and décor and there are so many different ways it can be used around the home.  The right wood will last a long time, be timeless and look great.

So, keep on reading to see just how much you ‘wood’ like to try these wooden interior decor ideas!

Wooden accessories

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If you’re new to wood as décor or for the interior of your home and you’re not too sure it’s for you then the best place to start is with some wooden accessories.  Or even if you don’t want a full on wooden floor or sideboards, but fancy a touch of natural wood, then simply choose some wooden accessories so you don’t feel like you’re overdoing it!

Etsy is an amazing place to pick up wooden accessories that are handmade and unique.  Another great place in the UK is Homesense who often have carved wooden home accessories that are made in India and are beautiful.

wooden accessories

You’ve also got the option of creating your own if you’re a bit crafty and good with woodwork.  If you can find a beautiful piece of driftwood then try making your own macramé wall hanging.  If you’re a bit more skilled and have the tools then why not try to create some candle holders from a reclaimed pallet?  There are lots of ideas and plenty of tutorials online to guide you.

Wooden floors

To get an actual wooden vibe in your home then you might need to think bigger, like our home.  Make wood a theme in your home and team it with something simple like white or light grey walls so it really stands out and is a feature rather than just something practical.


One of the best ways to do this is with wooden flooring.  I’d absolutely love real oak wooden flooring and perhaps you are lucky enough to afford this, but if not there are many laminate or composite options nowadays that look just like the real deal but are a much better price such as at https://www.flooring.uk.com/luxury-vinyl-flooring/style/wood.

Not only does this look great and really bring the natural look and feel of wood into your home, but it’s hardwearing and super easy to clean and maintain.  You can still keep it cosy by adding a large fluffy rug.

Wooden garden

The garden is one of the best places to add wood as it fits so well in its natural environment.   Wooden garden furniture looks great and it properly cared for then it will last a long time too.

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To get a real wooden vibe then consider building your own veranda with chunky wooden posts or adding wooden decking to create a stunning outdoor seating area.  Chunky wooden railway sleepers can be used to make planters and even garden benches.

There are so many ways you can start bringing the natural, warm, cosy delight of wood into your home and garden.  It looks much better than plastic! Make sure you choose reclaimed wood or responsibly sourced wood to be eco-friendly.

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