Garden furniture veranda

Best materials for outdoor furniture

Needless to say, the outdoor furniture may brave harsh external weather conditions. From freezing temps to the hot sun, outdoor furniture takes a beating. You may be wondering what materials stand up to these tests the best. You should evaluate it in terms of durability, comfort, looks, climate, and costs.

Garden furniture veranda

There are a wide range of materials used for making outdoor furniture and garden play sets, and each of those materials carries specific strengths and weaknesses. Given below are some of the best materials used for making outdoor furniture. 

Consider all the pros and cons of these materials to make the best buy for your home and shop for the best possible furniture for the outdoors. When shopping for outdoor furniture, consider your budget, needs and practicality. Look for tougher materials that can brave the outdoor weather and are easy to maintain.

Cushion materials

First things first, cushions! Advanced technology today has given us durable materials that resist mold and mildew, are fade resistant and even repel stains. There is no need to forgo comfort and convenience when it comes to outdoor furniture. Popular outdoor fabric companies are Cushionguard and Sunbrella. For the most part Sunbrella outranks Cushionguard on all factors including, durability, ease of cleaning, and fade resistance. Cushionguard on the other hand is more affordable and will unfortunately require more upkeep.

outdoor soft furnishings


Outdoor furniture comes in many different types of wood, such as teak, eucalyptus, and pine. Wooden furniture looks awesome as it adds to the warmth and richness of the natural surroundings. However, wood can be expensive and is challenging to maintain depending on the type and manufacturer. Not all teak is created the same so make sure whoever you purchase from is sourcing it reputably and treating it to withstand the elements.

Wood bench in rain

Wicker and rattan

Another popular material for outdoor furniture is wicker and rattan. The lightweight, comfortable and budget-friendly materials that are great for outdoor seating. The furniture is available in various designs and can be accessorised with cushions in bright colours and patterns. The downside of buying Wicker and rattan furniture is that they are not as durable as other materials.

rattan outdoor furniture


Cast aluminium is another popular choice among homeowners looking for outdoor furniture. Furniture made of aluminum, looks sleek and modern and is available in a number of designs. It will not rust, is light to carry, and easy to maintain. However, the downside is that it tends to become very hot under the sun, and it may not be very suitable for areas that experience high wind gusts as there is a risk of blowing away.

aluminium outdoor furniture


Steel is loved because of its contemporary look and element of lightness. This outdoor furniture will be sturdy, heavy-duty, and long-lasting. Thus, you can have it new and well maintained for years and years. Steel is the most robust material but can be heavy and more expensive. Like aluminium, the main drawback of steel is that it tends to become very hot when exposed to the sun and gets very cold in winter. You can also try powder-coated steel furnishings

steel outdoor furniture

Plastic resin

Why not consider synthetic materials such as plastic resin for outdoor furniture? These man-made materials are lighter to carry and can achieve a more playful look in the outdoors. Mover, plastic resin materials are stain-resistant, resistant to mold or mildew, and virtually maintenance-free. The furniture items can be easily carried and stacked, and many of their designs replicate wood. Price can range drastically for plastic furniture as many are making pieces from recycled materials as well!

plastic outdoor furniture decking


iron outdoor furniture

Shop from the most reputable and trusted companies that assure you quality products and services at affordable costs. Mix and match materials to create a more eclectic look or stick to one material for a more consistent design. 

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