Smart Home Devices

Taking my 60s home into the 21st century has been a little challenging but luckily there are plenty of gadgets on the market to help achieve this.   I could probably spend thousands on all the latest tech but unfortunately I have to work to a budget so here are my top 10 and must... Continue Reading →

Building a garden workshop

This is great, my own workshop and I got to build it myself. I’ve been looking forward to this for years and now I’m there. I still have a little to do including a workbench, shelving, storage and running power but the essence is there and I’d like to share how I got there. I... Continue Reading →

Refitting a Kitchen

When we moved into our new house back in 2014 the previous owners had recently refurbished and fitted a new kitchen.  So I thought great, one less job to do... But Victoria had other ideas.  Didn't like the floor, the tiles or the Worktops! So it wasn't long before I had my orders to make it... Continue Reading →

Fit Your Own Laminate Flooring

When my wife Victoria said she wanted laminated flooring I was all up for it...  Then she said she wanted it throughout the whole ground floor, seamlessly.  Was this a good idea? I'd never fitted laminate flooring before and wasn't entirely sure I would be able to complete this mammoth task.  And wasn't sure laminate... Continue Reading →

Chicken run extension

After setting up our first chicken run we found a few issues that made looking after the girls a little more difficult than we anticipated. Since then we have made a few changes but this has been the biggest yet. We wanted to give the chickens a bit more space in their coop / run.... Continue Reading →

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