Building a garden workshop

This is great, my own workshop and I got to build it myself. I’ve been looking forward to this for years and now I’m there. I still have a little to do including a workbench, shelving, storage and running power but the essence is there and I’d like to share how I got there. I... Continue Reading →

Refitting a Kitchen

When we moved into our new house back in 2014 the previous owners had recently refurbished and fitted a new kitchen.  So I thought great, one less job to do... But Victoria had other ideas.  Didn't like the floor, the tiles or the Worktops! So it wasn't long before I had my orders to make it... Continue Reading →

Fit Your Own Laminate Flooring

When my wife Victoria said she wanted laminated flooring I was all up for it...  Then she said she wanted it throughout the whole ground floor, seamlessly.  Was this a good idea? I'd never fitted laminate flooring before and wasn't entirely sure I would be able to complete this mammoth task.  And wasn't sure laminate... Continue Reading →

Chicken run extension

After setting up our first chicken run we found a few issues that made looking after the girls a little more difficult than we anticipated. Since then we have made a few changes but this has been the biggest yet. We wanted to give the chickens a bit more space in their coop / run.... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Tools

Easier said than done.  Is it even possible to rate a tool in a favourite category?  Surely each has its own purpose and therefore cannot be rated in a hierarchy of which I like the best?  Well, I would say you can based on the following criteria.  How often is it used?  How satisfying is... Continue Reading →

My Project List

With so many ideas floating around my head it's probably time to formulate my favourites list and start ticking things off.  With so much inspiration on the internet it's difficult to pull all these together but I'm sure my wife Victoria is going to help with this one.  Shes super organised and loves lists. :)... Continue Reading →

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