Plastic shed brand review

What is the best plastic shed brand? A comprehensive guide

As an experienced local handyman with years of shed erection expertise, I have developed a deep understanding of various brands, their merits, and drawbacks. In this post, I aim to share valuable insights gained from my experiences with the top plastic shed brands in the market, offering recommendations and cautionary advice. Additionally, I’ve conducted thorough analyses of owner reviews across multiple platforms to consolidate the overall consensus on these brands. Embracing my passion for sheds, I bring you well-informed perspectives.

There’s no shortage of plastic shed brands on the market which makes it difficult to find the right one. With a long list of options like quality, design and size, it can be overwhelming to select the perfect plastic shed that meets your requirements. However, by considering a few key factors, you can narrow down your choices and find the right one for you.

  1. Quality: Look for reputable brands known for manufacturing high-quality plastic sheds. Read customer reviews and ratings to gauge the reliability and durability of the shed.
  2. Design: Determine the design features that best suit your needs. Consider factors like door placement, window options, roof style, and aesthetics that blend well with your outdoor space.
  3. Size and Capacity: Assess your storage needs and the space available in your yard. Choose a shed size that comfortably accommodates your items without overcrowding the space around it.
  4. Weather Resistance: Check if the shed is explicitly designed to withstand the weather conditions prevalent in your area. Look for UV protection, water resistance, and wind durability features.
  5. Assembly and Installation: Consider the ease of assembly and installation. Some plastic sheds come with user-friendly, snap-together designs that make DIY installation straightforward.
  6. Ventilation and Condensation Control: Opt for sheds with proper ventilation features to prevent condensation and ensure adequate airflow inside the shed.
  7. Warranty and Support: Check the manufacturer’s warranty and customer support policies. A good warranty can offer peace of mind and protect your investment.
  8. Price: Compare prices among different brands and models, considering the features offered. Strive to find a balance between quality and affordability.
  9. Sustainability: If environmental concerns are important to you, research the eco-friendliness of the materials used in the shed’s construction.
  10. Recommendations: Seek advice from friends, family, or online communities who have experience with plastic sheds. They may provide valuable insights and recommendations.

Now let’s take a look at my top recommendations for the best plastic shed brand.


Keter shed selection
Keter shed selection

Keter has been a prominent player in the shed and storage market for over 70 years, continually developing innovative products that cater to diverse needs. They have been focused on utilising advanced technology and sustainable materials to craft their range of storage solutions and outdoor products.

How many different plastic shed designs does Keter manufacture?

Keter offers a huge range of sheds including about 45 different designs, styles and sizes. This includes:

  • 14 lager sheds
  • 12 medium size sheds
  • 7 small sheds
  • They also offer a range of bin, bike and general storage sheds

The largest shed they have available in their range is 11×7.5ft.

Keter shed pricing

Pricing ranges from about £280 for a small 4x3ft shed and up to £1550 for a large 11×7.5ft shed.

You can buy direct or from these retailers who offer the best prices: eBay, B&Q, Amazon, Wickes and Robert Dyas. Pricing can vary slightly between retailers so it’s worth checking each for the current pricing. Keep an eye out for sales and special offers to get the best price.

Warranty – Keter offer a 15-year warranty on the majority of their products

Keter shed customer reviews

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Keter has received a huge volume of reviews through Amazon, eBay and and is probably the most-reviewed plastic shed brand on the market. With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 this brand is also the highest rated across all plastic shed manufacturers.

The predominant reason behind one-star ratings from the majority of customers revolves around the challenges encountered during the assembly process of the sheds. Customers find building these plastic sheds challenging and can take several hours to complete.

My thoughts on Keter sheds

Keter is a well known brand in the plastic shed market and one of the market leaders in terms of quality. The level of quality is however reflected in the price, you get what you pay for and in this case you are paying over the average price for a good quality product that will last for many years. I also think that Keter has some of the best designs on the market and clearly invests a reasonable amount into the research and development of their products. Keter showcases innovation in both the design and materials of their sheds. Despite being made of plastic, their sheds successfully mimic a natural wooden appearance, adding a delightful touch across their entire range.

wood effect plastic from Keter

When looking at the ratings and comments about the difficulty of erecting these sheds, I think it’s important to take into account that some of these challenges may be attributed to the uneven base on which the shed is installed. Based on my personal experience of assembling several Keter sheds, I noticed that having an uneven surface can lead to clear difficulties. For instance, when I had to assemble a shed at the end of a customer’s drive, which was on an uneven surface, I anticipated issues with aligning the walls and roof. Moreover, I encountered problems with the doors not fitting neatly with even gaps. Although I eventually managed to assemble the shed, it was not a straightforward task.

Best sellers from Keter


Lifetime shed selection

An American based company, Lifetime now supplies sheds all over the globe with over 1500 employees. Starting life in the early 1980s as a basketball hoop and plastic furniture manufacture they entered the plastic shed market with grand plans. Their unique range of heavy duty sheds stand out from other styles to include an exceptional level of quality and robust design.

Lifetime plastic shed range

Lifetime have a huge range of designs, colours and sizes available in their range so there is no shortage of choice. Sizes start from the medium size 7×4.5ft up to their largest shed which is a massive 20x8ft.

Lifetime shed pricing

Lifetime sheds are on the higher side of the market with the 7×4.5ft shed starting at around £1300 and their largest sheds around £4300.

Lifetime sheds are available from a number of different retailers including eBay, B&Q, Robert Dyas and Amazon. Again, it’s worth shopping around for the best prices and deals before making a decision.

Lifetime warranty – 10 years on most models

Lifetime customer reviews and thoughts

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Another highly reviewed product range, Lifetime sheds have received hundreds of reviews online through Amazon, eBay and other independent retailers. On average they are receiving a 4.4 star rating for the majority of their best selling sheds. The most positive reviews rave about the high quality of these sheds.

Most of the negative reviews seem to highlight the condition of the packaging after delivery, which isn’t so much the fault of Lifetime but of the courier. That being said, maybe Lifetime could have a think about their packaging to ensure safe delivery. Other than this, erecting these sheds requires two people and a good chunk of a day, depending on the size.

My thoughts of Lifetime plastic sheds

Lifetime manufactures the same sheds for both the American and European markets, catering specifically to the needs of big American garden machinery. These sheds are built to be robust and durable, suitable for housing both small and heavy-duty garden equipment, including ride-on lawnmowers.

Lifetime shed layout
Lifetime 15×8 layout

The sheds stand out due to their sturdy construction, featuring frames and roof trusses made from strong S-shaped steel bars. This design allows them to support much higher weight capacities compared to other plastic sheds available. Notably, the walls and flooring of these sheds are thicker than those of neighboring brands, adding to their durability.

One appealing aspect is the realistic tile roof look, which complements the overall shed design. If you find the price points satisfactory and desire a shed capable of withstanding tough weather conditions, while being a long-lasting investment, then Lifetime is the ideal plastic shed brand for you.

Best sellers from Lifetime


BillyOh shed selection

BillyOh is a major garden building manufacture based here in the UK and offer a huge range of sheds to suit almost anyone’s tastes. I’ve purchased and built a number of their products and have had positive experiences throughout. Their plastic shed range is a little limited but the quality with the solid plastic ranges is very reasonable.

BillyOh shed range

As mentioned above BillyOh have a rather limited options available in their plastic shed range. They tend to focus more on the wooden garden building aspect of their business. They currently have about 9 different models available ranging from a small 6s3ft up to a 10x8ft shed.


BillOh are targeting the budget plastic shed market and have done so rather well. I would tend to shy away from the corrugated models as they are less robust but pricing is very attractive for those who don’t need something overly strong.

Their plastic sheds start from £319 for the 4×3 and go up to £1349 for the 12×8 Woodbridge model.

Customer reviews and thoughts

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Customer feedback sits on the lower side of the market due to their lower scores on the corrugated range. If we ignore these for a second and focus on the tougher plastic Woodbridge model then they sit at a 4.3 star rating. Which is very attractive in the price range.

General feedback on the corrugated models reflects the flims panelling and overall structural strength of the sheds being too weak. If you are going to invest your money in a BillyOh plastic shed then you need to focus your attentions to the Woodbridge, Duraplus, Storeall and Evermore models which receive far more favourable feedback.

BillyOh closeup
BillyOh closeup

My thoughts

I’ve always been a big fan of BillyOh products and customer service. They are a major player in the garden buildings world and can offer custom designs and sizes to suit your needs. Their sheds provide the perfect balance between quality and price.

I found the construction of their sheds to be intuitive and achievable by myself and will continue to recommend their products where applicable. If you want a decent plastic shed that will last for many years then it’s certainly worth taking a look at their range.

Best sellers from BillyOh

Round up

Here’s a comprehensive roundup of these plastic shed brands:


Keter has been a prominent player in the shed and storage market for over 70 years. They are known for their innovative products that cater to diverse needs, utilizing advanced technology and sustainable materials. Keter offers a wide range of shed designs, including about 45 different styles and sizes, suitable for various garden equipment. They excel in quality, with frames and roof trusses made from strong S-shaped steel bars, providing higher weight capacity than other plastic sheds. Keter sheds replicate a wooden effect aesthetic, adding to their appeal. They come with a 15-year warranty on most products. Keter receives highly positive customer reviews and is one of the highest-rated plastic shed manufacturers. However, some customers have faced challenges during assembly, particularly when dealing with an uneven base.


Lifetime, an American-based company with a global presence, offers a unique range of heavy-duty sheds known for their quality and robust design. They have a vast selection of shed designs, colors, and sizes, catering to various needs. The sheds are constructed with sturdy S-shaped steel bars for added weight capacity and thicker walls and flooring for durability. Lifetime sheds are priced on the higher side, with their largest sheds costing around £4300. They offer a 10-year warranty on most models. Customer reviews for Lifetime sheds are highly positive, emphasizing the high quality of the sheds. Some negative reviews focus on packaging issues after delivery. Overall, Lifetime is a reliable option for those seeking long-lasting and resilient plastic sheds.


BillyOh, a major UK-based garden building manufacturer, offers a limited but reasonably priced selection of plastic sheds. While they mainly focus on wooden garden buildings, their plastic range includes about 9 different models. The plastic sheds are budget-friendly, making them an attractive option for those on a tight budget. Their solid plastic ranges are of good quality. Pricing for BillyOh plastic sheds starts at £319 for a 4x3ft shed and goes up to £1349 for a 12x8ft Woodbridge model. Customer reviews for the tougher plastic Woodbridge model are positive, with a 4.3-star rating. However, the corrugated models received lower scores due to their flimsy panels and weaker structural strength. BillyOh is recommended for those seeking decent plastic sheds at affordable prices.

In summary, each brand has its unique strengths:

  • Keter is known for innovative designs, sustainable materials and a wide range of shed options.
  • Lifetime offers heavy-duty, robust sheds with higher weight capacity and thicker walls and flooring.
  • BillyOh provides budget-friendly options with good quality in their solid plastic ranges.

Consider your specific needs and budget when selecting the ideal plastic shed brand for your garden storage requirements.

Why buy a plastic shed?

Plastic sheds aren’t for everyone but they do have a strong place in the shed market. Most people invest in plastic sheds due to the fact that they are easily maintained. They require little or no maintenance once erected. However, before you run out and buy one consider these key points.

Plastic sheds have both advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a list of the pros and cons of plastic sheds:


  1. Low Maintenance: Plastic sheds are relatively low maintenance compared to sheds made of other materials like wood or metal. They don’t require painting, staining, or sealing to protect them from the elements.
  2. Durable and Weather-resistant: High-quality plastic sheds are designed to withstand various weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and UV rays. They are less prone to rust, rot, and corrosion, which can be an issue with metal sheds.
  3. Lightweight: Plastic sheds are lightweight, making them easy to assemble and move around if needed.
  4. Insect and Pest Resistant: Unlike wood, plastic is not susceptible to insect damage or pest infestations.
  5. Easy Assembly: Many plastic sheds are designed with a simple snap-together assembly process, making them easy to put together without specialized skills or tools.
  6. Variety of Styles and Sizes: Plastic sheds come in various styles and sizes to suit different storage needs, and they are available in different colours as well.
  7. No Risk of Rot: Unlike wood, plastic is not susceptible to rot, ensuring a longer lifespan and better durability.


  1. Aesthetics: Some people may find the appearance of plastic sheds less appealing compared to the natural look of wood sheds.
  2. Less Sturdy: While plastic sheds are durable, they may not be as robust as sheds made of metal or wood. They can be more vulnerable to damage from heavy impacts or strong winds.
  3. Affordability: Plastic sheds are often more expensive compared to sheds made of other materials, such as wood or metal.
  4. Limited Load Capacity: Plastic sheds may have limitations on how much weight they can support, which can affect the items you store inside.
  5. Environmental Concerns: Some plastic sheds are made from non-recycled materials and can be challenging to recycle themselves, contributing to environmental concerns regarding plastic waste.
  6. Sunlight Degradation: Over time, exposure to direct sunlight may cause some plastic sheds to fade or become brittle, affecting their appearance and structural integrity.
  7. Difficult Repairs: If a plastic shed gets damaged, repairing it can be more challenging compared to wood or metal sheds, which can often be easily patched or replaced.
  8. Limited Customization: Plastic sheds may not offer the same level of customization as wood sheds, which can be modified or painted to fit personal preferences.

Overall, plastic sheds can be a practical solution for storage needs, but it’s essential to consider the specific requirements and environmental factors before making a decision.

It’s a good idea to fully understand what you are buying when you invest in a plastic shed so I’ve pulled together some of the most common questions with regards to plastic shed ownership.

Further questions regarding plastic sheds

How long do plastic sheds last?

Plastic sheds generally have a lifespan of between 8-15 years or more, thanks to their durable construction materials and inherent weather resistance. Most manufacturers provide a 10-year guarantee with their products.

Do plastic sheds suffer from condensation?

Yes, plastic sheds can suffer from condensation when the air outside is cooler than the air inside. Most plastic sheds do come with built-in ventilation which helps alleviate the differences in air temperature. If you have a plastic shed without vents then it’s a good idea to install some.

ventilation in Keter shed

What are plastic sheds made of?

Plastic sheds are typically made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials. These are thermoplastic polymers that offer various benefits for constructing outdoor storage sheds. Here’s a brief explanation of each material:

  1. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE): HDPE is a durable and robust plastic material known for its strength, resistance to impact, and UV stability. It can withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and sunlight, without fading, cracking, or warping. HDPE is commonly used in the construction of plastic sheds due to its long-lasting nature and low maintenance requirements.
  2. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): PVC is another type of plastic that is occasionally used in the construction of plastic sheds. It offers good water resistance and is relatively lightweight. However, compared to HDPE, PVC may not be as durable and can be more susceptible to damage from impacts or prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Both HDPE and PVC are popular choices for plastic sheds due to their affordability, versatility, and resistance to rot, insects, and decay. These materials also allow manufacturers to create sheds with different shapes, sizes, and designs, providing consumers with a variety of options to suit their specific storage needs. Additionally, plastic sheds made from these materials are relatively easy to assemble and do not require the same level of maintenance as sheds made from wood or metal.

Would I recommend a plastic shed?

While plastic sheds have their merits, such as their low maintenance and durable construction, I can’t help but feel that they fall short of my aesthetic expectations. Among plastic shed options, Keter sheds come closest to resembling traditional wooden sheds, but they still don’t quite capture the rustic feel and customization potential that I adore in wooden structures.

Another concern I have with plastic sheds is their sustainability aspect. While they might have some eco-friendly features, there’s still a question about their long-term durability and what becomes of them once they reach the end of their lifespan. Will we start seeing plastic shed panels filling up recycling centers across the country? It’s a very real possibility, especially considering how plastics can become fragile and brittle over time, particularly in hot climates.

For me personally, I’m inclined to stick with the tried-and-true wooden garden buildings, even if it means dedicating a few hours each year to maintenance. The charm, authenticity, and customizability of wooden sheds outweigh the convenience of plastic options in my book. There’s something about the warmth and character of wood that simply cannot be replicated by plastic alternatives.

Looking for the perfect small garden shed? Check out my top recommendations for small garden sheds right here.

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