Where to find best log store

Where to find the best outdoor log store

Keeping your fire wood safe and dry is essential if you own a log burning stove, open fire or another appliance that requires wood fuels. Wood only burns efficiently if it is dry, therefore the need for a good quality outdoor log store or wood store is important. Keeping a good supply of dry wood will keep you going throughout the winter months so finding something suitable for your garden can make all the difference.

Where to find the best outdoor log stores

It can however be a little bit difficult finding the perfect match for your garden. You’ll likely be looking for something that looks nice, suits your garden decor and fits in the right place. This is an issue we have faced in both of our previous houses. Therefore I have pulled together some of my favourite designs and companies to make the job a little easier for you.

Read on to find your perfect outdoor wood store.

I’ll start with my favourite budget log stores for under £200.

Best outdoor log stores for under £200

Reclaimed wood log store

Made from recycled wood this is simple but effective.

reclaimed wood log store
120cm wide 50cm deep and 128cm tall

6ft open front log store

Slick and simple design with a slopping backwards roof. Plenty of space.

6ft wood log store
Width 790mm x Height 1800mm x Depth 810mm

Lockable storage chest log store

A lockable log store chest.

lockable log store
Width 1270mm x Height 1040mm x Depth 865mm

Best outdoor log stores under £300

Boat shaped Log Store

This unique design log store is perfect for someone who likes to be different.

boat shaped log store
Height 1950mm x Width 1200 x Depth 680mm

Heavy duty tall log store

A space saver in terms of tallness, and well made for a strong durable finish.

tall log store
120cm x 60cm & 180cm tall

Greentham single door log store

A perfect size with a front door to protect your logs from bad weather.

single door log store
Width (cms):123
Depth (cms):80
Height (cms):180.5
Capacity (M³):1.2

Best outdoor log stores under £400

Tool and log store

A perfect combination for tools and logs. One lockable section for your valuables and plenty of space for logs.

lockable tool log store
Width 3350mm x Height 18000mm x Depth 810mm

Cottesmore Log Store

If you want some more protection from the weather this design has doors.

cottesmore log store etsy
Weight (kg):50
Width (cms):150
Depth (cms):80
Height (cms):127
Capacity (M³):0.9

Wide and tall log store

If you need extra storage with protection then look no further.

wide and tall log store
Width 3350mm x Height 18000mm x Depth 810mm

Tall Cottesmore log store

Store logs two deep and keep them secure with two doors.

cottesmore log store
Width (cms):150
Depth (cms):80
Height (cms):180.5

Thatched tall log store

If you like a little character with your log store then this could be the one. With plenty of space in a tall unit .

thatched log store
210cm high – 120 cm width – 60 depth

Redwood 4ft log store

A larger unit with options for kindling shelfs.

redwood log store
Width 3350mm x Height 1260mm x Depth 810mm

Best luxury outdoor log stores over £500

Bradgate Log Store

A very heavy duty designer log store with plenty of room for a winters worth of fuel.

Stylish log store
L3200MM X H1830MM X D1000MM

Heavy duty tiled log store

A super heavy duty tiled roof log store with treated timber.

Heavy duty tiled roof log store
3m wide
1.8m high
0.85m deep

Larch triangular log store

A triangular log store with good storage space. Stack log two deep.

triangle log store
Contact seller for dimensions

Heavy duty slat roof log store

A heavy duty log store with doors for extra protection.

heavy duty slat log store
1.75m high
1.5m wide
0.6m deep

Combined tool and log store

A very nicely constructed dual unit with lockable tool store.

black wood store storage
2100mm x 1500mm tall and 900mm deep

Oakham log store

A super large metal circular log store with multiple sections.

large circular log store
165cm diameter

Best outdoor metal log stores

Modular cube log store

Create your own shape and style wood store with this modular steel cube system.

modular cube log store

Pyramid Log Store

Create your own shape and size log store with these metal compartmentalised triangle shapes.

triangle metal logstore
Contact seller for sizes

Half circle log store

With multiple storage shelves and a table top this is a multi purpose storage unit.

half circle log store
contact seller for dimensions

Circle log store

Made from aluminium these circular log store shapes can be stacked for multiple storage.

circle log store
475mm Diameter x 400mm Depth

Rustic ornate circular log store

Elegant, rustic and functional are a few words to describe this log store.

metal circular log store
1100mm diameter and 300mm depth

Large circular log store

Four sections metal circular log store which can be stacked for extra storage.

circular metal logstore
950mm Diameter x 400mm Depth

Can’t find your perfect outdoor log store?

If you’re still not finding the right log store for your specific space or in your style then you still have a couple of options.

Number One

Many of the above sellers will be able to make a custom outdoor log store or will be happy to make a bespoke order just for you. Simply find something you like and drop the seller a message.

Number Two

Build your own log store. I’ve built a couple of my own outdoor log store now and it’s quite a nice little project. If you have a few basic tools and the willingness to do it yourself then here is a basic guide.

home made log store

Build your own log store chest

I have built this lockable chest log store. I made it lockable as it is located outside the front of our house.

Step one. Materials

You’ll need the following materials. I have provided links to where I purchased mine.

Step two. Building a frame

Measure up and build a basic frame.

wood store frame build

Step three. Add the feather board cladding

Simply cut to size and screw on using the 30mm screws.

cladding on wood store

Step four. Complete the roof

Attach the roof / door and attach using the hinges. Fit the hasp. Finish with a coat of paint.

hinges and hasp wood store
finished log store

Step five. Fill with wood

Once in place simply fill with wood.

home made log store

How to build a triangle wood store

You can also find my triangle wood store build guide on my other post. It’s another simple build and really looks the part. Just beware these aren’t the most effective use of space. You will get more wood in a rectangular log store.

how to build your own wood store

Thanks for reading. I hope you have found what you were looking for.

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