If you’re on the hunt for a dining table or dining set that is unique, a little different from mainstream retail, then a custom or bespoke designer set may be right for you. Luxury dining room furniture or designer dining tables tends to be a little more expensive than high street branded furniture due to the hands on manufacturing process, but you will find yourself with something that stands out and makes a statement in your dining area.

Unique, handmade & prestigious

Many of the luxury dining table and chairs I’ve reviewed below are lovingly handmade by tradesmen at the top of their game, carefully prepared over weeks (sometimes months) to bring you high quality perfection. Mainly made from quality hard woods such as oak, walnut and sometimes ash these designer tables are not mass produced in factories, but instead, the timber is carefully selected and hand crafted in small workshops by individuals who’s life and passion is in making furniture.

Whether you’re looking for luxury oval dining tables, extendable tables or something out of the ordinary then the following selection should provide enough to capture your imagination. I’ve also included a section for the most amazing luxury chairs and matching benches. I hope you enjoy viewing and reading about these amazing modern dining tables and sets as much as I enjoyed finding them.

Solid Wood Dining Tables

As you can see my blog is focused around wood, therefore the selections in this post all incorporate this theme. Luxury solid wood dining tables. Let me start with the best luxury dining tables and then move on to chairs, benches or dining sets.

Epoxy Hexagon Honeycomb Walnut Table

Made by – Lara Wood Epoxy

I’ve started with my favourite piece of all. They simply don’t get much better than this. Completely unique table made from solid walnut and epoxy resin.

Each table is handmade to your specific requirements. This one cost £10,000 and is used as a conference table.

Live Edge Black Walnut Epoxy Resin Dining Room Table

Made by – HeadWestCo

A carefully crafted black resin table with live edge black walnut. Mounted on two steel black legs this piece is prominent in both size and colour. A perfect addition to any statement dining room.

This one comes in at about £9100 but custom sizes can be requested up to 10ft.

epoxy resin table etsy

Unique oak and walnut kitchen table with chairs

Made by – Epoxy DAO

This is completely unique. I’ve never come across anything like this. Hundreds of hours have gone into this masterpiece made from oak, walnut and thin resin gaps which light up. The table is a one-off piece with two chairs includes.

The price is a little scary at £37,620 but you can be sure there won’t be any others like it in the world.

The Brunel Table

Made by – Steel Vintage

A fantastic industrial style dining table with a selection of either walnut or oak top finish. The focus here really is on the core of the table with these intricate detailed steel legs with adjustable feet. It has a very steampunk vibe going on.

Pricing starts from around £7500 and can be made to suit almost any size dining room.

Solid Walnut Floating Dining Table

Made by – Grain and Frame

The legs are almost invisible on this table giving it the effect of floating. A solid walnut top and sturdy perspex glass legs make up this beautiful piece of furniture.

Pricing starts from £2195 for a 120cm (4ft) table.

Live Edge Walnut Solid Wood Dining Table |1001|

Made by – Lara Wood Epoxy

What a statement piece this is. If you like raw, rustic, natural materials then this the one for you. Made from two thick slabs of walnut, finished with uneven live edges it feels like something out of a wild west log cabin.

This is priced at £2992 and is currently ready to ship. Be quick if you love what you see.

Large Natural Driftwood Rectangular Dining Table Base

Made by – Doris Brixham

What a stunning and unique concept for a dining table. Made from drift wood this table would be the focal point of any dining room space. The listing is only for the base of this table so a glass top will need to be purchased separately.

Custom sizes are available but the picture table will set you back £3395.

Matt Oak Glass Middle Dining Table

Made by – Calvi Collections

I simply love the chunky style of the oak dining table and the glass centre makes it stand out from a standard oak table. The super chunky legs and steel beam cross section give the feel of something truly powerful.

Priced at £2850

Pippy Oak Live Edge Dining Table With Black Cross Legs

Made by – Calvi Collections

Another amazing table by Calvi Collections, this time made with pippy oak and black chunky cross legs.

Priced at £2499

Designer woodpecker dining table

Made by – Green Guys

An amazing glass top table with brushed stainless steel. The half oak tree has been hollowed out by a woodpecker and fitted with lighting so that it can be admired from above. What an exceptional piece of art!

Priced at £4305

Luxury Dining Sets and Seating

This next category lists the best dining sets or individual seating ideas. Finding the right match for your dining table can be tricky and a lot of the creativity will be up to you but hopefully you will find something you love in this little selection.

Walnut dining table and chairs

Made by – Appalachain Joinery

Get the complete set with this luxury dining table and chairs. Stunning thick slabs of walnut butterfly stitched together with accompanying walnut chairs. A trues craftsman made this piece of art.

Available in custom sizes. Pictured set is £11,470.

British Made X Leg Oak And Iron Bench

Made by – Oak & Iron Furniture

The perfect accompaniment to a rustic industrial oak dining table. This bench has been carefully hand crafted with X shape curved legs and steel support beam. The waney edge top really finishes the piece off.

Priced at £700

Round Teak Root Table and Armchairs

Made by – Exoteak

Like something out of a hobbit house film set this beautiful dining set has been hand crafted from a teak tree root. Finished to a high standard it’s a piece thats going to catch the eye in any interior decor.

Buy the complete set for £9745

Four Norman Cherner Pretzel Dining Chairs

Made by – Plycraft, USA, 1960s

A lovely set of mid-century dining chairs made by Plycraft in the 60s. Cheaper copies of this chair can be found for half this price but these are the originals in good condition.

Buy the set for £8000

French art deco chairs

Made by – Unknown

Limed / cerused oak 1940 era Mid 20th century modern style chairs that suit a range of different interior decors.

Priced at £5769

Live Edge Walnut Dining Table & Chairs Sets

Made by – Odun Kurdu

Made from solid slabs of walnut and sleek steel legs this luxury dining table and chairs set is beautifully designed and hand crafted in Turkey. A true piece of art.

Priced at £5700 for the set but contact the seller for larger or smaller sizes.

Ib Kofod-Larsen and Torbjorn Afdal Scandinavian Modern Teak Dining Set

A simple oval dining set made from teak and finished in a mid-century modern style. If you are looking to blend your furniture into a 60s or 70s style interior then these are the perfect match.

Priced at £2908

1960’s Dining Suite Oak Refectory Table + Set 8 Oak Chairs

Not my normal style but this is a cracking piece of furniture complete with all the chairs. It’s a really nice refectory style dining set made from solid wood and finished to an extremely high standard.

Price set at £2330 which I think is very reasonable for a dining set this size.


These dining tables and sets make up some of my favourite pieces across the internet. Some truly unique pieces that will make your home dining space feel individual and become a focal point of the house to impress guests.

I love each of these dining room sets and will continue to hunt for more of the best unique tables, chairs and benches to share with you. Stay tuned for more.

I also write about the best solid wood dining tables in another post that cater for all budgets. So if you feel some of these items are a little out of your price range, check it out here: The best solid wood dining tables 2021

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