Who is Wood Create?

My name is Ben and I live in the south west of England in a place called Brockworth in the suburbs of Gloucester.  I live with my wife Victoria and our two children Bella and Reuben.  My passions are woodwork, furniture design and creation.  My design style is inspired by mid century modern retro styling, contemporary industrial decor and rustic living.

I love to create and my favourite material to work with is wood; hence the name Wood-Create.  I work with reclaimed materials where possible and love the challenges that come with this.

This was my hobby and passion, but I’ve now taken the plunge into self-employment to make handmade furniture design and creation my profession.

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How my own home renovations and DIY projects inspired me to start the Wood Create blog

We moved into our current house back in 2014 and since then I’ve worked on a number of projects including under stair drawers, a wood store, refitted kitchen, custom bathroom sink unit, laying laminate flooring, replacing skirting, door architrave, hanging doors, tiling, landscaping and much, much more. Second to this I’ve helped family and friends with their projects too!

Being inspired by my wife who is obsessed with her own blog, I decided to give writing a go and share all my wood creations on a website of my own.

It’s not just woodwork that I’ll cover in this blog, but also my DIY projects along with the great artists who inspire my creativity.

My Wood Create home and garden blog covers exciting projects I’ve taken on in and around the house and my shop showcases my most recent designs and creations.

Garden makeover

Here’s our recent garden makeover! Almost everything you see here has been handcrafted by myself with a little help from my wife Victoria.  Decking, veranda, patio, planters, boardwalk and pergola are just a few of the projects taken on to improve our outdoor space.

My inspiration for interior design and furniture creation

Having studied interior design and architecture at a degree level many years ago, this love and passion for design is being rediscovered and becoming a big part of life.

I also have a great love of architecture and furniture design.  I found a love for design, construction and engineering which has inspired me to create my own designs and experiment with different materials.  The greats such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and Mies Van der Rohe have inspired me to make my own creations which will be showcased within this site.

A lot of my ideas and inspiration also come from Pinterest and instructables.com.  Both sites are filled with so many great ideas and innovations – I find myself wanting to attempt everything, which just isn’t possible!

I’ve created this site to share my experiences, ideas and designs with likeminded people and hope you find it useful or inspiring.  I welcome any feedback or comments so feel free to drop me a note and share your own experiences with me.


Ben  🙂

me in the garden

P.S – my wife, Victoria, is a full-time blogger.  She has three blogs covering making money online, healthy living and all our adventures on her travel blog.  Victoria helped me set up my home and garden blog, so you’ll notice lots of content from her too!

Examples of Wood Create handmade furniture and designs