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The Best Chunky Wooden Coffee Tables

In the heart of a well-appointed living space, my affection unfailingly gravitates towards a chunky wooden coffee table. There exists an undeniable allure in their very essence – a harmony that exudes both gratification and comfort. The rustic timber, with its untamed grains that seem to flow like ancient rivers, brings a touch of nature’s embrace indoors. It’s as if the very history of the wood is etched into every curve, every knot, telling tales of time itself.

rustic chunky coffee table

Chunky wood, especially when considering hardwoods like oak or walnut, can come with a significant price tag. However, there are more budget-friendly options available, such as pine and spruce tables, that can still achieve that sought-after rustic farmhouse aesthetic.

Drawing from my experience crafting coffee tables, I’ve found that solid oak has yielded the best results. Working with oak is a delight due to its exceptional qualities and distinctive character. If your budget allows, investing in an oak coffee table is highly recommended. These tables boast a remarkable lifespan, known to endure for generations, showcasing unparalleled durability. It’s important to note, though, that the weight of a solid oak chunky coffee table can be considerable, often surpassing 60kg.

Here’s a quick look at some of the tables I’ve selected for this list.

There are plenty of different styles of chunky coffee tables to choose from also. Some with shelving, some with metal legs and others are just purely designed to look great.

I’m going to kick things off with my top 10 recommendations for chunky wood coffee tables available from handmade small businesses on Etsy. In no particular order.

Waney edge chunky coffee table – by Chill House

Very competitively priced, this chunky waney edge (live edge) coffee table is a beautiful thing. Made from reclaimed scaffold boards it is sustainable, solid and a real treat for the eyes.

Made to measure, ranging in sizes from 60cm up to 140cm.

Pricing starts from just £79

Find this chunky pine coffee table here on Etsy

Oak square sleeper table – by Eco Tone Shop

Super chunky and made from solid oak this is a bit of a beasty table. It’s available in a range of sizes starting from 60cm square up to 120cm square. You can also select your desired height between 30 and 40cm. I personally prefer a low coffee table. They feel more sleek and sturdy.

Pricing starts from £339.95 (£54.95 delivery)

Find this super chunky coffee table here on Etsy

Low coffee table – by Brockley Bespoke

I just love the patina and colour on this chunky wooden coffee table by Brockley Bespoke in London. They’ve really hit the nail on the head with this one. I think it’s a little expensive but it certainly is a stand out piece. It’s available in custom sizes from 60x90cm to 88x110cm.

Prices start from £325 (£35 delivery)

Find this rustic patina coffee table here on Etsy

Industrial coffee table – by Anis Home 365

Here’s a coffee table with a splash of colour. This reclaimed wood, rustic coffee table features some very stylish steel legs whist supporting some super chunky reclaimed wood. Available in one size at 110x60cm and 40cm tall.

Priced at £368.99 (on sale now)

Find this rustic industrial coffee table here on Etsy

Rustic Lepe coffee table – by New Forest Rustic

Here’s a lovely coffee table with storage solutions underneath and lovely chunky wooden legs and top. I really like this design as it’s a little different from others out there. It’s sleek and looks really sturdy. The only size available is 100x60cm and 35cm high but you can select from two different finishes.

Price is £349.99

Find this unique design coffee table here

Huge half tree coffee table – by Soul Wood Co

Here’s one mega chunky coffee table. IN fact it’s actually half a tree. Made from a large slice of English elm it’s one of the largest coffee tables I’ve come across. Measuring 272cm x 87cm and 25cm tall it’s not for the faint hearted. I really do love this coffee table but not sure the price tag is enough to entice me in. How about you?

Price: £1295 inc. delivery

Find this mega chunky, half tree, coffee table here on Etsy

Live edge oak coffee table – by Hookeys

Finished to a seriously high standard this coffee table is simply beautiful. Made by a very reputable woodworker based in Farnborough, England this table stands out above the rest. It measures 102cm x 60/45cm and 46cm tall.

Price: £960 including delivery

Find this live edge oak coffee table here on Etsy

Extra chunky distressed coffee table – by Caveman Furniture

I just love the sheer size of the chunky wood used on this amazing coffee table. It’s a mega chunky wooden coffee table. I also love the rustic, distressed and slightly uneven finish on the wood. It’s a beauty! The size is 125x125cm and 39cm tall.

Price: £399.99 (£39.99 delivery)

Find this mega chunky wooden coffee table here on Etsy

Monkey puzzle wood and glass top coffee table – by Barnett Art & Design

Made from monkey puzzle wood and a 10mm thick glass top this is another unique coffee table that stand out as a fantastic piece to me. It’s a one off so you’ll need to be quick. It measures 80cm in diameter and 27cm tall. It’s a lovely hand crafted coffee table that’s going to fit perfectly into someone interior decor.

Price: £380 (£50 delivery)

Find this chunky monkey puzzle coffee table here on Etsy

Olive tree resin coffee table – by Phi Hand Craft

I couldn’t finish this post without an epoxy resin table in there somewhere. I just love these live edge coffee tables made from solid olive tree wood and finished with a bright blue resin. These table are available as custom orders in sizes between 18 – 28″ and you can select from 3 different leg styles.

A 28″ table with spider legs will cost you £1095.17 inc. delivery.

Find this stunning epoxy coffee table here on Etsy

Celebrating the Enchanting Charm of Chunky Coffee Tables

In the realm of interior design, where creativity meets comfort, there emerges a timeless fascination for the captivating allure of the chunky wooden coffee table. It’s a magnetic centerpiece that beckons you to gather, converse, and find solace in its tactile splendor.

As we journeyed through the rustic realms of timber, we discovered the very essence of these tables – a harmonious blend of gratification and comfort. With each untamed grain flowing like ancient rivers, these tables bring nature’s embrace indoors, preserving the tales of time within their very fibers.

In a world where options abound, the allure of solid oak, like an artisan’s touch, stands as a testament to enduring craftsmanship. Its character, echoing across lifetimes, bespeaks of strength and longevity, while the weight of history is palpable in every curve and knot.

Now, our exploration leads us to a curated collection of chunky coffee table wonders, each unique in its presence, style, and artistry. From reclaimed scaffold boards to solid oak, these handcrafted gems stand as expressions of individuality, inviting us to explore the fusion of form and function.

As the world of interior design unfolds before us, the stage is set for our personal odyssey. Every table we choose, every curve we adore, becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of our living space. With every glance, we’ll be reminded of the journey, the artistry, and the indelible character that the chunky coffee table adds to our abode.

So, let us celebrate the rustic elegance, the flowing grains, and the undeniable allure of the chunky wooden coffee table. In its weighty presence lies a story that is both ancient and contemporary, a story waiting to be experienced in the heart of our living spaces. Embrace the charm, savour the craftsmanship, and let your interior be a testament to the timeless beauty of these remarkable pieces.

My chunky coffee tables and side tables

Here are some of my own creations that might inspire you to make your own. I’ve used reclaimed scaffold boards, oak slabs and other reclaimed materials to make a lot of these chunky coffee and side tables.

My passion for furniture design has led me to explore the internet for the best of the best furniture. Please take a look at some more of my favourite pieces of furniture in these other posts. Or why not try making one of your own with my handy step by step guides.


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