Finding space in and around your home for a suitable workspace can sometimes be a little difficult. If like many others you’re now working from home more often then you need a suitable space to focus on your work. Setting up the perfect home office is essential so that you may organise yourself effectively and provide a space in which you can be most productive. Finding the right furniture will help you achieve these tasks and create that all important home office environment.

surf desk
Surf desk by LOP Furniture

Many of us wont have spare rooms in which to setup these work environments so squeezing in a work area in and around existing rooms is going to be important. Therefore, you may be looking for a small desk that can fit into your bedroom, or become part of your living space.

In this post I’ve taken a look at some of the best small desks from handmade crafts men and women. Each desk is handmade by small businesses with an ethical outlook on their environmental impact. I’ve included a few different style desks here ranging in budget. There are corner desks for those that like to be tucked away, folding desks for those who need to minimise further when not working and computer desks best suited to those who have more computing requirements. (Extra screens etc.)

Lets kick things off with a few corner desk options

Small corner desks

ASHME corner desk – by Ragaba Furniture

Ragaba Furniture is a Poland based company making some truly amazing furniture. This piece is the perfect compact corner desk and comes with a pull out keyboard drawer. You can select from 15 different colours to find the ideal match to your interior decor. Measures 114cm x 61cm (75cm tall)

Price: £195.56 (£76.14 delivery)

Buy the ASHME corner desk here

LUKA L-shaped corner desk – by Ragaba Furniture

Another great corner desk by Ragaba Furniture in poland. This one is a little bigger in an L-shape. Comes with a drawer and again available in 15 different colour tops. Measures 115cm x 50cm (75cm tall)

Find the reverse L-shape desk here

Price: £215.42 (£44.79 delivery)

Find this L-shaped corner desk here

Solid wood corner writing desk – by Love Natural Furniture

This lovely little writing desk is made from solid mango wood and features two small drawers and a middle storage shelf. It’s super compact measuring in at only 89cm wide and 44cm deep. (80cm tall)

Price: £164.99 (inc. delivery)

Find this solid wood corner desk here

Industrial corner desk – by Creative Fab Worx Shop

This one is a super heavy duty industrial rustic style desk with built in cable management hole. It’s made from solid steel and wood and can be finished in 4 different wood stains. Measures 1200cm x 1200cm (75cm tall)

Price: £950 (£110 delivery)

Find this industrial corner desk here

Now I’m moving on to some desktop computer suitable small desks for those who require a little more in terms of support for their computer equipment.

Computer and gaming small desks

Gaming desk – by Gaming Desk Store

Yes, they focus on making gaming desks. Each desk is customisable and can have a data hub port added for a little extra. This one measures 100cm x 60cm (75cm tall) which should be plenty of space for the gamer or multiple monitors.

Price: £149 inc. data port (£15 delivery)

Find this gaming desk here

Chunky solid wood desk – by Outside the Box TS

This is a great solid piece of furniture made from chunky solid pine and box steel legs. Available in sizes starting from 100cm wide and 51cm deep. Choose from 5 different colour tops for your perfect decor match.

Price: £160 (£50 delivery)

Find this chunky rustic desk here

Bolton hall desk – by Chop Shop Sheffield

A beautifully designed simplistic desk made from solid wood in a Scandinavian style. It’s small, simple and perfect for those who have additional storage already in place. Measures just 100cm x 50cm (75cm tall).

Price: £160 (£20 delivery)

Find this beautiful small desk here

The final category for this post is to cover off general small home office desks. These are my favourite desks from all over Europe. I’m sure you’ll find something you love as much as I do.

Small home office desks

Mid century modern walnut desk – by Mo Woodwork

One of my favourite of all time this desk is an amazing piece of craftsmanship. Made from walnut it features three individual drawers and splayed legs in a Scandinavian style. Mo Woodwork really know what they are doing when it comes to furniture and are my favourite shop on Etsy. This desk measures 140cm x 60cm (75cm tall) so it’s a little bigger than the other desk but I just had to include it in this post.

Price: £1072.29 inc. delivery

Find this amazing stylish desk here

Hampshire rustic desk – by Dancing Woodman

I love this shop and the amazing furniture that Aaron makes. He’s got a quirky name and makes some truly fantastic furniture. This small home office desk is finished in a rustic style and includes 3 prong hairpin legs. It measures just 90cm x 45cm (75cm tall) but is available in custom sizes and colours.

Price: £180 inc. delivery

Find this rustic desk here

Surf desk – by Lop Furniture

Simply amazing! This desk is at the top of its game and made by a Danish based company. It’s simplistic curves and sleek design make it one that stands out way about the rest. It’s got quite a hefty price tag but when you look at the design and quality of this piece you begin to understand why. Measures 137cm x 74cm (73cm/80cm tall)

Price: £3088.92 (£242.27 delivery)

Find this incredible desk here

So this concludes my top 10 small home office desks. I think it’s got something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a small desk thats the centre piece of the room or a simple worktop where you can calmly focus on your work.

Furniture design has been a passion of mine since I was very young so I take great pride in scouring the internet to share my favourite pieces with you. Hopefully you find something you love but if not the shops mentioned above have some other great items so be sure to check them out.

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