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Looking for a cheap desk? 15 Cost effective alternatives to Ikea desks

If you’re looking for a new desk and you’re on a bit of a budget then you’ll most likely be thinking about buying an Ikea desk or even a desk from Argos. I’m going to suggest a few alternatives to these cheap desks and tell you a little bit about why. I’ll be showing you some of the best small desks, corner desks, gaming desks, office desks, computer desks and even some affordable solid wood desks that rival that of Ikea and Argos.

But why isn’t an Ikea desk ok? Well actually, I do quite like some desks Ikea have to offer. They are stylish, affordable and easy enough to put together. However, there are a few down sides to Ikea desks. For example:

  • The materials used are far from durable. I’ve not had a good experience with the chipboard produced by Ikea and used on their desks. It’s easily damaged when not taken care of.
  • The build quality has something to be desired. It’s not designed to last. The low cost chipboard is fixed together will dowels and self locking bolts which can easily break when the desks are moved or excessive weight is applied.
  • The materials are highly manufactured. Most desks are made from laminated chipboard. This is a low cost, manufactured wood that is produced by machines.
  • No love. I’m really not getting the handmade love and feel from these items. Solid wood, handmade furniture has a much nicer feel to it and they are normally individual in nature. No one desk will have the same grain as another.

With this in mind I’d like to shown you some fantastic desks that won’t break the bank. All are hand made from small businesses, many using reclaimed materials. These alternatives are stylish, in keeping with the modern designs in a mid-century or industrial theme which is very ‘in’ at the moment.

Lovely cheap desk selection

Make your home office the perfect work environment with these beautiful desks 2021. Likewise if you are looking for the ideal computer desk or gaming desk these suggestions should make you think twice before heading off to Ikea or Argos.

The first category I’d like to show you is the best small desks 2021.

Small desks

For those of you with limited space these desks should be just what you are looking for. Many of us are trying to adapt our current homes to enable us to work from home. We don’t all have spare rooms to turn into offices as we try and squeeze in a suitable work environment to existing space. Whether it’s in a bedroom or living room these desks a compact and should fit with most home layouts.

Folding desk by – Blaze my Hero

This folding desk is amazing for small spaces. Simply fold in the legs and lower the wooden top. It has a strong steel frame and sturdy wooden top. Measurements:

Available for just £66 inc. free delivery.

Find it here on Etsy

Small computer desk with 4 tier storage – by Blaze my Hero

Here’s another great desk by Blaze my Hero. This desk is small and comes with 4 shelves for any needed storage. Measurements: 100×50×119cm

Price: £90.63 inc. free delivery

Find it here on Etsy

P&W Wooden Desk with Storage Cabinet – by Prosperous Way

A stylish mid-century modern desk with splayed wooden legs and a storage cabinet to one side. Measures just 110x50x74cm

Price: £95.20 with free delivery

Find it here

The Foldii – by Design by Twelve

This floating, fold out desk is perfect for the minimalist amongst us. Ideal for small spaces this cabinet simply turns into a desk and workspace. Simply add a chair. Installed to the wall it measures just: 70x60x15cm

Price: £199.99

Find this mini desk here

Floating, folding desk – by D Valenti Furniture

Another great little floating, folding desk with a few more little features including magnetic catches and hydraulic arms for smooth folding. Made in Spain this time so there is a deliver charge. Measures in at 55x90x15cm

Price: £167.13 (+£26.81 delivery)

Find this desk here

So this concludes my minimal, small space, cheap desk selection. Hopefully you will find something suitable for your requirements. Do check out each of the shops listed above as they also provide some great alternative styles and colours.

Now lets move onto the computer desks or gaming desks selection.

Cheap computer desks & Gaming desks

These computer desks or gaming desks will best suit those who have larger desktop computers as opposed to a laptop. They have suitable space for a desktop computer, may allow for cabling and additional storage.

Industrial Office Desk – by Industrial Wood Work

A simple but effective cheap desk with loads of space on top and underneath for desktop computers. Made with solid reclaimed wood and box steel legs. Measures 80-250cm x 66cm x 75cm

Prices start from £250 inc. delivery

Find these tables here

Industrial Workstation – by All About Furnitures

A compact computer or gaming desk that has it all. Space for a tower desktop PC, storage shelves and a pull out keyboard shelf. What more could a gamer ask for. Measuring in at 74x80x45cm

Priced at just £64.90

Find this computer desk here

Yelami 55inch gaming desk – by Yelami

This is a gamers dream with all it’s custom gaming add-ons such as the cable management, controller holder and cup holder. measures 55×23.6×28.5 inches. Made in the US so postage is high.

Price: £187.42 (~£170 delivery)

Find this gaming desk here

Rustic brown computer desk – by Legna Decors

A great industrial modern style computer desk with space for a tower desktop PC and has a built in monitor stand. Made from steel frame and particle wood it’s sturdy and easy to put together. Measures 150cmx50cmx93cm

Priced at just £183.74 is certainly a cheap desk.

Find this desk here on Etsy

Mid-century style pine desk – by D Valenti Furniture

A stylish mid-century Scandinavian desk made with pine and featuring two drawers and splayed legs. It’s a superb desk at a very affordable price.

Price: £238.39 (£31.35 delivery)

Find this desk here

Now I’d like to share a few of my favourite corner desks.

Affordable corner Desks

Corner desks are suited to those that like a little extra worktop space. These desk fit nicely into a corner of a room and provide both modern styles and plenty of surface and storage space. Whilst a little more expensive you get a lot more for your money.

Large industrial L shape desk – by Handmade Precious Shop

A large corner desk with a steel frame, wooden top and book shelf or monitor stand. This is a great stylish cheap desk at a great price.

Price: £99.99 inc. delivery

Find this amazing corner desk here

Rustic corner desk – by Robert Rose Carpentry

What a lovely handmade corner desk in an industrial rustic style. Made from reclaimed boards and scaffold tubing this is a stand out piece for any home decor.

Price: £299.99 (£39.99 delivery)

Find this rustic scaffold desk here

L shaped hairpin desk – by Lake District Shelving

A beautifully simple corner desk made from reclaimed wood in a rustic style and featuring hairpin legs. It’s simple and affordable. Measurements start from 100cm x 100cm.

Prices from £177.30 inc. delivery

Find this reclaimed wood desk here

Temiz solid wood corner desk – by Old Man and Magpie

My favourite piece in the corner desk category. Made from solid wood, including a built in shelf or monitor stand and steel box hairpin legs. Available in custom sizes and legs styles this is a masterpiece of design.

Pricing starts from £420 inc. delivery

Find this amazing desk here

Industrial rustic corner desk – by Handmade Park 4

Here’s a lovely rustic industrial cheap desk that has loads of space, included storage cupboard and shelving and is super cheap. (I mean, affordable) It measures 150cm x 137cm.

Priced at just £249

Find this corner desk here

This concludes some of my favourite desks available on the market today in 2021. All of these desks are handmade and are available from small businesses as apposed to the likes of Argos, Ikea or The Range.

Please help me in supporting these smaller businesses and looking elsewhere for your home office decor.

If you don’t see what you like above please also consider searching more great desks from sellers on Etsy.

You’re sure to find the perfect computer desk, home office desk, corner desk or that perfect gaming desk for your home.

If you want to support the environment then also consider searching Etsy for reclaimed wood desks. There are plenty to choose from and you’ll be reducing your impact on the planet.

Whilst I have included mostly low cost desks in this post you may be thinking about increasing your budget to get something a little more special. There are also a great selection of handmade desks in a Scandinavian or mid-century style that I’m a big fan of. Here are a couple of my favourites.

Writing desk – by Muju Furniture UK

A stylish mid-century design made with a smooth rustic wood that’s available in a number of different colours and sizes. measurements start from 81cm wide. Love this cheap desk.

Price from £260

Find this desk here

Walnut office desk – by Mo Woodwork

Probably my favourite shop and item on Etsy. This desk is made from walnut in a mid century style. Featuring sleek splayed legs and three individual drawers it’s a masterpiece of furniture. This modern desk measures 140cm x 60cm.

Priced at £1227.27 it’s far from a budget piece but well worth the money. Not such a cheap desk but worth considering.

Find this stylish desk here

Thanks for reading this article. I’ve really enjoyed searching for and listing these desks. Hopefully you find one you love as much as me.

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