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Where to find the best industrial metal table legs UK

If you’re working on a new furniture project, in an industrial style, you’ll likely be looking for a set of industrial metal table legs. But where can you find the best metal legs? Before I started my own furniture business I was asking the same question. Now, a few years down the line I found some of the best suppliers from across the UK. Below I’m going to tell you my experiences and show you some of the best metal legs on the market, whilst also listing some of the cheapest, should you be on a budget.

For high end builds you won’t want cheap materials and poor craftsmanship. You can’t charge your customers high prices for poorly manufactured goods. However, if you are just working on a home DIY project and you’re on a budget then some of the cheaper metal legs out there might be perfect for your build.

If like me you’re looking to build tables with wooden tops and need to source good quality metal legs then this is where I would start.

The best metal leg shops on Etsy Marketplace

This is where I go for all the best quality metal table legs in an industrial style. Etsy is full of great craftsmen at the top of their game. There might be a few poor quality goods on here but this is normally reflected by the price. You pay for what you get! So just be weary of lower priced legs.

Here are my top 4 favourite metal leg manufactures on Etsy.

Designer Legs – Etsy Shop

Designer Legs – Etsy Shop

DesignerLegs is based in Accrington in the UK and produce some great high quality steel legs. They have a good selection for dining tables, desks and shelving.

GJ Steel and Wood

GJ Steel and Wood – Etsy Shop

GJ Steel and Wood from Lativa produce a great range of high quality products for a host of different build designs. Delivery costs are still reasonable for an over sea company.

DIY Shop Design

DIY Shop Design – Etsy Shop

I love these rustic industrial design table legs from DIY Shop Design based in Poland. They offer some of the best quality table legs I’ve seen.

Phi Hand Craft

Phi Hand Craft – Etsy Shop

A great selection of table legs with some truly unique designs. Phi Hand Craft based in Turkey still offer free delivery with all their products.

The best metal table legs on Etsy

Here’s a quick selection of my favourite metal table legs. There are some great unique designs and some more common styles out there if you’re after something a little more traditional.

Find your perfect dining table legs right here with my top selection from Etsy.

Metal table legs between £150 – £1500

I’ll break these down into categories to make things a little easier to find.

Cast aluminium tree shape legs suitable for dining tables and benches.

Tree legs

Modern metal table frame legs suitable for wooden or glass top tables.

Modern steel legs

Steel spider legs available in a number of finishes on a rectangular table top.

Spider steel legs

Diamond steel legs suitable for dining tables and available in a number of colours.

Diamond steel legs

Minamalist style splayed legs in a box steel style. Select your desired finish.

Splayed steel legs

Traditional A frame dining table legs with a good selection of colours.

A frame legs

Industrial style X-Frame dining table legs ideal for a truly rustic look and feel

X-Frame legs

Silver trapezium dining table legs available in different finishes to suit your decor.

Trapezium dining legs

Build your own table

Here’s a link to my posts about building your own dining tables. It’s a good resource if you are new to making dining tables.

Budget dining table legs

Metal table legs between £20 – £100

If you’re after some decent metal dining table legs but your budget wont stretch far then this selection might be ideal for you. I’ve found some great legs on eBay and Amazon which might suit your needs.

I’ll start with my favourite metal table legs from eBay.

eBay metal table legs

Table leg finishes

There’s a great selection of different finishes available from a number of suppliers and manufactures. Selecting the right ones for your project will be crucial to the overall look and design of your project. You will likely already have a good idea about what you want your table to look like but it’s always worth having a look on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Most table legs will be available in these colours due to the powder coating process that colours and protects the bear steel.

  • Matt black
  • Gloss black
  • Matt white
  • Gloss white
  • Chrome
  • Copper
  • Bear steel
  • Clear coat steel
  • Anthracite
  • Individual colours in a gloss or matt finish

A RAL colour chart defines the vast number of colours available for the powder coating process. The seller below for example will powder coat your legs any colour you like from the RAL colour chart.

RAL colours from Shabby Bear Cottage

Hairpin legs

Hairpin legs are extremely fashionable at the moment so worth considering for your project. They are low cost, durable and strong, able to support some very heavy table tops. (When buying the correct thickness.

The Hairpin Leg Company offer a wide variety of hairpin legs, along with a number of other designs. I purchase most of my hairpin legs from this company and their service and products are great.

hairpin leg company products

I also have a referral link which will give you £8 off. CLICK HERE for £8 off your Hairpin Leg Company order.


Hopefully you have found the perfect match for your project or projects within this post. If not then simply check out more on either of these platforms and use the search terms ‘metal table legs’ or ‘metal table frames’ and you’re sure to find what you are looking for.

Failing this you can always get in touch with some of the manufactures on Etsy and ask them for a custom order. Many of them offer this service.

If you’re keen to keep your environmental impact down then try contacting a local metal worker to see if they can fabricate what you are looking for. You could also search on Etsy to find someone local.

There is a vast selection of metal table legs out there and it can be difficult to know what you are buying, especially when it’s off eBay or Amazon. I find the images and descriptions can be contradicting so if you are unsure, either contact the seller of find another source. Remember, if the price is low, it’s for a good reason.

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