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White Horse Energy firewood review & 5% discount code

If like me you have a log burner, log burning stove or an open fire then this review might come in handy. For the purpose of this review I have been sent a crate of ash firewood from White Horse Energy. Within this post I will share my experiences of the delivery, the quality of the wood and my overall unbiased opinion of the White Horse Energy company and website. I’ve also included a White Horse Energy discount code so you can get 5% off your first order.

White Horse Energy 5% discount code: woodcreate

Discount available for a new customer only

We’ve recently purchased a new house and have been lucky enough to find a property with a log burner already installed. This is great, as we installed a log burner in our previous home and have become accustomed to lighting a fire on a cold winters evening.

log burner

We very rarely purchased wood in our last property as we managed to scavenge enough locally to feed the fire for most of the year. Now we’re in a new county and the territory is a little unfamiliar, so having the opportunity to review a crate from White Horse Energy was very welcome. We’ve been sent a crate of ash wood, pre-chopped and dried so it’s ready to go.

If you’re unfamiliar with the different types of wood I’ll go into a little more detail below. Specifically those that are good to burn and those that aren’t.

White Horse Energy discount code – 5% off

Get 5% off your first order with my White Horse Energy discount code: woodcreate

Applying your 5% discount

Go to the White Horse Energy website, add your desired energy products to the cart, go to your cart and select ‘Pay by Card’.

On the payment screen click on the ‘Add Coupon Code’ in the ‘Payment Method’ section.

white horse coupon
White Horse Energy discount code 5% off
White Horse Energy discount code 5% off

Your discount should now show in the summary.

white horse energy discount

This coupon code can only be used on your first purchase.

White Horse Energy delivery

What to expect with the delivery process.

Most items are available for next day delivery from White Horse Energy. Items added to your basket will display if they are available for this next day service.

My items arrived in one neatly stacked crate mounted on a pallet. The courier was friendly and helped take the crate to my required location on my property.

The pallet was safely unloaded from the lorry and wheeled onto my driveway.

Nice and dry, ready to unpack into my house and our new log store.

The ordering process

Whilst I was gifted this wood on behalf of White Horse Energy I wanted to find out a little more about the company and website I was dealing with. I set up an account and completed a few dummy purchases to get a good feel for the ordering process.

I found the website easy to navigate and the checkout process seamless. The best part was the delivery expectation was listed immediately in the cart.

white horse energy cart

White Horse Energy wood fuel quality

So is the wood any good?

I received a crate of ash wood, some kindling and eco firelighters. The wood had been split and cut to 25cm lengths so no further cutting was required for me. If you have a mini log burner this might not fit. Ours is a 5kw stove with an internal width of about 36cm, so this was perfect for us.

The wood was nice and dry when delivered. I tested the moisture content of the wood which all came in well under 20% which is the recommended highest moisture content for wood fuel. All of White Horse Energy logs are kiln dried for the lowest possible moisture content.

Ash wood is considered one of the best woods for burning as it’s a very dense hardwood which burns for a long time and gives off a hot, steady flame. Also available in these size crates is oak, birch and hornbeam which are also considered good log burner fuels. Read on below about what is the best kind of wood for your log burner.

My verdict on White Horse Energy

Overall this is a good source of wood fuels that are available for delivery nation wide. The wood I received was high quality and the delivery process was painless, not to mention fast. I’m also a fan of the website. It was easy to navigate and the checkout process is easy.

I think White Horse Energy have a good price point with their products. Their pricing isn’t the cheapest, nor is it the most expensive. I think it’s a very fair price for a great product and service. Should you have any questions about pricing and products then you can easily contact their helpful customer service team for help.

I will be returning to buy some wood when we run out.

Please read on to find out a little more about owning a log burner.

White Horse Energy coupon code: woodcreate

Owning a log Burner

If you haven’t owned a log burner before (or are thinking about getting one) then here are a few top tips for consideration before you get started.

Installation costs

These can be expensive but it all depends on the scales of the works required. We paid about £3400 to have our fireplace opening widened and the log burner installed in our last home. However, this could be cheaper if no structural work is required. It could also be much more expensive if you require extensive construction work. Prices also increase when larger stoves are required or when water heating is added to the equation. Stove prices vary too.

Wood storage

You’ll need somewhere to store your wood to keep it dry, but also keep it aired. Wood stores with vented sides are ideal for this purpose as they will protect the wood from rain but also allow a good flow of air around the wood. Here’s one I made myself. Learn how to build your own triangle wood store in my blog post.

Triangle wood store

Wood moisture levels

The wood that you burn on your fire needs to be dry and properly seasoned before use. Seasoning is the process in which the wood is allowed to dry so that it is safe to burn in your log burner. This can be a natural process which is air dried over two to three years. This process is often sped up using a kiln, in which the wood is dried quickly using heat and a dehumidifier.

The moisture content of wood fuel should alway be lower than 20%. This can be measured using a moisture meter.

If you burn wood which is too wet, the flue can clog up with residue, it can cause more smoke and create a fire hazard.

Types of wood for burning

You shouldn’t just burn any type of wood. Hard woods are normally considered the best types of wood for fireplaces and log burning stoves. Ash is considered the best as it has a long burn time and gives off a high yield of heat. Other hardwoods such as oak, beech, elm and birch also burn well.

Always avoid wood with a high resin (sap) content such as spruce, larch or pine. These types of wood can give off harmful toxins when burnt and can cause chimney fires. They also tend to spit a lot, burn too quickly and can also give off a horrible black smoke.

White Horse Energy also sell three different types of manufactured wood fuels which are perfect for log burning stoves. These are Pini-kay logs, Nestro Heat Logs and RUF fire blocks. Each are made from highly compacted sawdusts from hardwoods and give off very high heat outputs. Definitely worth considering.

Wood pellets are also sold should you have an eco biomass boiler at home.

Chimney sweep

You’ll need to get your chimney swept at least once a year to ensure your home is safe and your log burner is operating at its best capacity. Regular sweeping ensures the chimney is kept clear of soot, cobwebs, nests and creosote which will prevent dangerous chimney fires.

Carbon monoxide alarm

If you installed your wood burning stove after October 2010 then it’s a legal requirement to have a carbon monoxide alarm installed. Poor equipment, poor ventilation or bad maintenance can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s a deadly poison and you must have an alarm fitted to alert you to its presence. Hopefully it will never go off.

carbon monoxide alarm

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