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Lekto Fire Logs review – and discount code

Lekto Wood Fuels is one of the key players in the sustainable wood fuel market so I wanted to see how their new product, the Fire Log, performs in our log-burning stove. Winter is fast approaching so we’ve decided to stock up on wood fuels in an attempt to save a little money and beat the rising energy prices.

Lekto Fire log review

Lekto has a number of sustainable wood fuels in the collection and we’ve tested a few of them now. So we’re excited to see how these compare to their other briquettes and heat logs. There are a few questions I have lined up for this product, including:

  • What is the purpose of the Fire Log?
  • When is the best time to use the Fire Log in the life of a fire?
  • How fast do they burn compared to Lekto’s other products?
  • Are they easy to store?
  • Are they easy to light?
  • What is the heat output like?
  • Are they a cost-effective method of heating?

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Here’s my video review for those you want a quick summary

What is the purpose of the Lekto Fire Log?

Some of you might be thinking, well, they are designed to provide heat, right? Absolutely, but all wood fuels serve a slightly different purpose in the lifecycle of a fire. Are they best used to get a fire started, are they better applied to the fire to boost the heat output or are they better at keeping the fire burning at a steady pace?

fire log from Lekto

These are important questions to think about when attempting to get the best out of your fire and heating efficiency. I’ve always been a believer in having a section of wood fuels to hand so that you can manage the heat output more accurately. Each fire you make might have a slightly different purpose. Let me share a couple of different examples.

Example one

You’ve been out for a hike on a cold, wet winters day and you get back to a cold house. You want to warm up and you want to warm up quickly. In this case, you want wood fuel that is going to catch quickly and produce high heat in a short amount of time. This can’t always be achieved by just chucking a load of kindling on, followed by a chunk of oak. Select the right fuel for the job and you can get a nice hot fire roaring in no time at all.

Example two

It’s cold outside, you’ve been at home for the day but you want to relax and enjoy a nice film in front of the fire with loved ones. You want to snuggle up on the sofa, enjoy a drink and feel the warmth of a gentle fire. In this case, you’re not worried about getting the fire going quickly. You can take your time, start things off slow and control the heat output slowly throughout the evening.

Due to the design of the Fire Log, the purpose is simple. It’s a mid-field player and ideal for keeping your fire going for extended periods of time. They give off a nice steady flame to gentle heat your room/home without producing too much heat in one go. The heat is dispersed over time.

When is the best time to use the Lekto Fire Log in the life of a fire?

Once you’ve established a decent flame and bed of embers you can apply a Fire Log or two to keep things nice and toasty. Adding just one log will keep things going for about 3 hours. Add two and you’ll have a good heat output that will last for double this. It’s best to use the Fire Log when you have a decent bed of hot embers. Breaking the log into two or three pieces will help disperse the heat and will burn a bit quicker. This can be handy if the fire has died down a bit.

Lekto fire log burning

How fast do they burn compared to Lekto’s other products?

The Fire Log has average written all over it. That’s not to say it’s only averagely good. What I mean is that it hits the middle ground in terms of heat output and burn time. They are still new to the market and don’t currently have a defined calorific value so it’s not possible to make a direct comparison but I will say that two logs on our log burner gave off a very reasonable amount of heat. Enough to keep the majority of our four bed house warm! As for burn time, again they hit the middle ground. They burn off slower than a Nestro Softwood Log but quicker than a Night Briquette.

If I were to make a direct comparison I would say they behave much like one of Lekto’s Hardwood Heat Logs, but with a slightly longer burn time and slightly gentler heat output.

Are they easy to store?

The great thing about the Lekto Fire Log is the shape. With the squared-off edges, they stack a lot closer together. This makes for smaller packaging and less space required for storage. So for the same weight, 20kg, you can fit 12 in less same space than 10 of the Hardwood Heat Log boxes.

Another benefit to the squared-off edges is the reduction in roll. Meaning they are less likely to roll off your fire. For those with an open fireplace, this is an added bonus.

Are they easy to light?

These Fire Logs aren’t designed as a fire starter, they are meant to help keep a fire going once a good base has formed. So whilst you could break them up into smaller pieces for a faster start, you’re better off waiting until your fire has been established with kindling and other fuels.

What is the heat output like?

As mentioned above, the Fire Logs are the middle ground of wood fuels that Lekto currently provide. I have no way to scientifically test the output but I can say from using them that they provide a good source of heat for our house. With our living room door closed, we can easily keep our room warm with just a single log. With the door open, the heat is dispersed around our house, which is a much large volume to heat, but we can do this with just a couple of logs.

So the good news is, these Fire Logs do have a place in our home and provide a good source of heat.

Are they a cost-effective method of heating?

It’s a great idea to keep a stock of different fuel types ready for your log burners, open fires or even your outdoor pizza ovens. Having a selection to choose from will give you the flexibility to control the heat output and burning time of your fire. If you’re trying to save money this winter then these are a high contender, especially when you buy in bulk. A single 20kg 12 log pack will cost you £28.95 but by in bulk and you can get the price down to £16.58 per pack. Thats just £1.38 per log. Not bad for 3-4 hours worth of toasty warmth.

Are the Fire Log’s from Lekto worth buying?

The ultimate question and probably why you are here today. What we have found with Lekto’s Fire Log is that it’s a great middle-ground fuel that burns well, gives off a decent amount of heat and actually smells nice. What’s more, is, they are easy to store, eco-friendly, chemical free, they’re very dry and they won’t move around on your fire. They’re safe to use right out of the packaging. That’s a lot of great reasons to consider this for your chosen wood fuel.

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The bottom line is that we will be using more of these in the future. As we’re looking to get another mini log burner in our garden office these will make the perfect addition to this compact space.

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