Easy tips to add plants to any interior space

Easy tips to add plants to any interior space

You should take every chance you get to invite nature into your house and enjoy its benefits. There’s nothing more beautiful than nature, and you should appreciate its complexity in all its aspects. Building a green corner in every room of the house should be a must because plants provide you with the necessary balance to thrive and boost your calmness. The true beauty of creating a green corner in your house lies in the project’s simplicity. It won’t require much of your time, especially if you choose easy-to-care-for plants, and it’ll improve your lifestyle by offering elegance and fresh air.  Interior plants can have a huge impact on your decor.

colourful plant on desk

Bringing plants indoors is the easiest way to create a soothing and welcoming ambience because it adds aesthetic value and improves your health. But you may not know where to start if you feel like you’re not blessed with a green thumb. Hence, this article is supposed to provide you with basic info to help you create and maintain a green corner in your house with little effort. 

Let’s dive into the recommendations!

Evaluate the available space

Each room in the house is different, but all can welcome a green corner and benefit from its advantages. However, your choices for plants differ from one room to another because every one of them serves different purposes, and so should the green corners.

Sit and discuss with your family what composition would look better in the room of choice: do you prefer a small or large green space? Would it look better to build a vertical or horizontal garden? Head online and search for websites that provide software to create a 3D model of your room and simulate how different models of interior gardens would look. Interior designers use software to identify the best option for houses. If you like plants but aren’t ready to care for dozens, look for large leafy plants that take plenty of space but require little care. 

Select the plants you want to bring inside

If you visit a local plant nursery, you’ll notice there are hundreds, if not more, plants you can purchase to supply your green corner. Before putting any of them in your cart, consider the type of indoor garden you want to build. If you want to install a wall-mounted shelf where to place several pots, pick small plants that do not grow too tall. Succulents and plants from the Sansevieria family are perfect for this purpose. You could also go for the common favourites such as the Zebra haworthia, jade plant, or if you want something easy to propagate, the Mother of Thousands is a top choice.  

On the other hand, if you want to place plants on your tables, countertops, and desks, stick with bonsai, money plants, and bamboo because they make the perfect adornment for this kind of furniture item. Ask the experts from the plant nursery what kind of care and maintenance the plants require to make sure you’re equipped with the necessary skills and time to keep them healthy and strong.

Pick low-maintenance plants that match your interior design. The specialists from elho recommend using one big pot if you don’t wish for multiple little ones. However, before planting multiple flowers in the same pot, check if they mix well together. 

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Mix and match your plants

It would help if you didn’t forget that your interior plants aren’t decorations, they’re something alive that requires plenty of care, attention and time. If you spend plenty of time at home, you can choose almost all types of indoor plants. However, if you’re busy, stay with low-maintenance species like succulents. Creating a green corner in your home office can make the space look comfortable and welcoming and boost your productivity. 

When you choose plants, make sure to mix the species because placing similar plants in your green corner can make it look flat. Let the plants from two or three flower pots be green, the ones from other planters a yellow shade, and a couple of others in different hues and textures. Take a couple of steps back and have a look at the composition. If you can easily differentiate each plant from a distance, you should change their position or add a couple of others to make them look like an integrated picture. 

Vertical gardens are the key to space crunch

If you want to bring plants indoors, but have little space, build a vertical garden. Vertical gardens are great for apartments because they enable you to create green areas without taking up too much floor space. Vertical gardens allow you to grow any kind of plants you want, from flowers to herbs and other varieties. If you’re a DIY individual, learn how to build a rack so you can organise your pots accordingly.    

hanging plants interior

These hanging interior plants bring a splash of colour to our bedroom which helps bring a calming presence to our lives.

Ensure the indoor garden is well lit

As you already know, plants need light to grow, but each has different needs. If your green corner doesn’t get enough natural light during the day, you should search for species that thrive in the particular environment. It’s a mistake to buy plants with different growing conditions and hope they’ll adapt.

This isn’t going to work and it’ll frustrate you to see how they slowly die and your indoor garden doesn’t provide you with the desired benefits. You should treat your plants as if they’re children, be responsible and provide them with all the necessary conditions to grow strong. 

Grow your own herbs

A green corner allows you to grow your own vegetables and herbs in the heart of the city, depending on how much space you have. You can install planters on your balcony, kitchen, living room, and even on the porch if you have a house.

Herbs like thyme, parsley, coriander, basil, mint, and other similar ones are easy to grow inside. As stated before, depending on your space, you can also grow spinach, lettuce, or tomato. They’re plants that require little maintenance and will offer you great satisfaction to see them grow under your eyes. 

A green corner brings nature inside

You don’t have to move to the countryside to welcome nature into your house. You can build an indoor garden even in the city jungle and enjoy the countless benefits interior plants have. 

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