How to make your bathroom setup more eco-friendly

There are lots of different ways to make a bathroom more eco-friendly from the systems that are installed to the type of toilet roll that is used.

Read my suggestions below to see how a bathroom can be more eco-friendly.  Some of these we are already doing in our household and others we’d like to do.

Harvest rainwater

One thing we have considered to save water and reduce water bills is to harvest rainwater.  There are systems that can go underground in the garden or in an attic that collect and store rainwater to be used in the home and particularly in the bathroom for flushing the toilet and having showers.  According to the Rainwater Harvesting Association, water bills could be slashed by 40%.  I also like the idea of using fresh rainwater rather than the treated water that comes through the taps.  It seems a lot more eco-friendly and makes more sense that each household should be harvesting their own rainwater.

rain water harvesting

Use hot water generated by your solar panels

We are lucky to have purchased a house with solar panels and I’d definitely want to invest if we ever move house.  As well as using the free electric and selling the unused electric back to the grid, we have also linked them to our immersion tank!  We invested in an ImmerSun immersion hot water heater which utilises the energy produced by our solar panels and feeds it into our hot water immersion tank. This means we get free hot water when the sun is shining and not just free electricity!

Switch to a water-efficient toilet

Water-efficient toilet flush systems only use about 1 to 1.3 gallons of water per flush, a huge improvement to old toilets. Consider choosing a saniflo toilet to lessen the work of installing a new toilet. It allows you to connect to your existing sewage system or septic tank without breaking ground.

Use recycled toilet roll

If you use toilet paper then you should always buy recycled toilet roll to save trees being cut down unnecessarily.

If you’re wondering where to get some great recycled toilet paper from then we use and recommend Who Gives a Crap.  It’s a subscription for recycled toilet roll that contains no plastic and the rolls we buy are made from recycled office paper!  It’s the softest recycled toilet paper we’ve ever used.

Plus they donate 50% of profits to build toilets for those in need, so it supports a great cause too.

Who Gives a Crap £5 off discount code

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Or, use no toilet paper at all with a toilet seat bidet

Another thing I have considered and would like to do in the future is to scrap toilet roll altogether and invest in a bidet toilet seat.  These toilet seats use water to cleanse body parts and can even come with a warm drier.  There’s no need for toilet roll and if it’s powered by solar panel generated energy and the water is from harvested rainwater, then surely this is the ultimate eco-friendly bathroom setup?

So there we have it.  Use solar energy to heat your hot water, collect rainwater for all your water bathroom usage and use a bidet seat to save the trees.  There are lots of ways to set up a modern bathroom to be eco-friendly.

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