Hoover H-Purifier 300 review

Hoover H-Purifier 300 review

This week I’m reviewing the Hoover H-Purifier 300, a smart air filter designed to take all the unwanted pollens, allergens, gases and other nasties away from your home air. With our son and my mother in law being very susceptible to hay fever we were eager to try this new device out to see how well it performs. With spring here and summer just around the corner, it is a vital time for us to control pollen in our household.

Runny noses, irritated skin and itchy eyes are just a few of the symptoms our son surfers from in the spring and summer. Hay fever hasn’t been a problem for me or my wife but our son can have a terrible time, especially when the pollen count rises. It makes life very uncomfortable for him both during the day and at night when he is trying to sleep. Thankfully it’s not all the time but when it does strike, it’s pretty unbearable for him! That is where the Hoover H-Purifier 300 comes in. We are hoping this device is going to alleviate the symptoms and make him feel comfortable at home.

Hoover H-Purifier box Reuben

Another aspect we were keen to try out is the air quality of our kitchen / dining area. We currently have a shared space with our kitchen, dining and a snug area. The snug is a great place to sit and relax after our evening meal but the trouble is that it’s a shared space, so cooking smells easily spread in this area. Part of this review will take a look at how effective the Hoover H-Purifier 300 can clean the air in and around the kitchen.

Before I start the testing, let me talk a little about what an air purifier actually is.

What is an air purifier?

Air purifiers are electronic devices that clean the air by removing particles and neutralise them. They draw in large volumes of the surrounding air and filter out pollutants, allergens and potential toxins. Particles may include dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, or anything else that might be in the air. They are a great investment for people who suffer from allergies and other respiratory problems. They can help reduce the amount of allergens in the air which can lead to less sneezing, coughing, irritation and wheezing.

There are many different types of air purifiers on the market but they all have one thing in common: they use filters to clean the air. There are two main types of filters: mechanical and electrostatic. Mechanical filters trap larger particles like pet hair or dust while electrostatic filters attract smaller particles like pollen, smoke, or animal dander.

Do air purifiers actually work?

The quick answer to this question is yes, they can be very effective at removing unwanted air particles from your home. They are however not always effective for everyone. To get the best out of a device like the Hoover H-Purifier you will need to carry out a few more home cleaning tasks. You see, whilst the air purifiers are very effective at removing particles from the air, they cannot go around and remove them from soft furnishings and other surfaces around your home. Therefore to get the best out of a product like this you should also consider these:

  • Clean your soft furnishings with a HEPA Filter vacuum once a week. You’ll need to vacuum curtains, rugs, carpets, sofas and other fabrics.
  • Wash your bedding in hot water once a week.
  • If you have pets then washing them regularly will be beneficial. Also try to avoid sleeping with them as hairs and dander can easily rub off.
  • Don’t smoke in the house.
  • Use no-toxic cleaning products. Brands such as Ecover, Eco-zone and Iron & Velvet are just a few worth looking into.
  • If possible then you could replace any carpeting with hardwood or vinyl flooring.

Promoting good air quality in your home can make a big difference to your health. You should also look into the humidity of your home. High humidity brings moisture into the home which in turn can increase mould growth. Mould spores can then escape into the air and cause all kinds of problems.

Hoover H-Purifier 300 review box

The Hoover H-Purifier 300

The H-Purifier 300 is a smart device, meaning it can be controlled via an app on your smartphone or another smart device. The hOn app is available to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

What’s inside the box?

Nice and simple, the air purifier and instruction manuals. The power cord is tucked away nicely inside the device.

How to setup the Hoover H-Purifier 300

To get the best out of this device you’ll need to install the h0n app. It provides full control over the H-Purifier with the added benefit of in depth information about the air quality inside (and outside) your home.

hOn app hoover

Once I’d installed the app, I signed up for an account and activated it. I then had to connect the H-Purifier 300 to the Wi-Fi and app. This was surprisingly very easy. All I had to do was press the Wi-Fi button on top and scan the QR code on the back of the device and that was pretty much it. I love it when companies make technology simple.

It took me all of 5 minutes to unbox and setup this device, which is refreshing for a smart device like this.

Controlling the H-Purifier 300

With everything now setup the H-Purifier 300 can be controlled from the control panel on top of the unit or from the app.

When you first switch on the air purifier it starts in automatic mode. This will auto sense the air quality and start purifying after a few seconds. The fan speed will be selected based on the quality of the air which is quickly displayed in the colour of the outer ring. As you can see in the above pictures, the app was displaying a red ring when I first turn it on. Once it had been running for about 5 minutes the colour changed to orange.

The other buttons on the top allow you to do the following:

H-Purifier 300 buttons

It’s easy to switch between modes by pressing the sleep, auto or max mode buttons. Turn the lights off with the light button and lock the device to prevent children from playing with the controls. The Wi-Fi button is used during the setup process and the other lights are to inform you of changes in the environment. They are all self explanatory really.

Sleep mode

A good feature of this device is the sleep mode. It allows you to setup a quiet operation mode on a weekly schedule. This means you can continue to purify the air at night, when you’re sleeping, without being woken up by the noisy fan. The H-Purifier will continue to operate in super quiet mode so you can have a peaceful nights sleep with lovely clean air.

Max mode

If you want to quickly purify a room you can press this button and the H-Purifier will work at maximum power to clean the room air.

How does the Hoover H-Purifier 300 work?

The Hoover H-Purifier 300 uses a multi sensor system with a 3 layered HEPA filter to help manage the air in your home. With a combination of smart sensors, a powerful fan and uniquely designed filtration system the H-purifier automatically cleans the air of any room in your home up to 100 meters square. That’s huge! It can easily purify the air of a 20 meter square room in just 10 minutes. The 3 layer filter is said to purify 99.97% of allergens such as dust, pet hairs and bacteria.

Read on below to see how well it performed in our 37 square meter room.

Multi Sensor System

This intelligent system uses lasers to measure the air quality in your home. It measures PM 2.5, PM 10, Gas (VOC), temperature and humidity. The H-Purifier 300 will automatically control the quality of the indoor air and any polluting particles in it.

PM stands for Particulate Matter but can also be known as particle pollution. It consists of tiny particles such as soot, dust, dirt, or smoke which are large enough to be seen by the naked eye, but some are so small they can only be seen by an electronic microscope. PM10 measures particles that are 10 micrometers or smaller and PM 2.5 are particles 2.5 micrometers or smaller.

You can read more about air quality and particle pollution on the governments website here. It’s very interesting to understand the level of pollution in our towns and cities. And quite scary!

air pollution

The AQI of your room

I can see that the app is displaying the AQI of my room. But what does this mean?

AQI stands for Air Quality Index and is a measure of the levels of air pollution. The hOn app shows you the Quality of your indoor air along with the exterior AQI which is provided in partnership with Plume Labs.

Here is a look at the difference between when I first switched on the H-Purifier 300 compared to 20 minutes later.

As you can see there is a huge difference after 20 minutes. The air quality has improved dramatically. Thankfully there was no gas (VOC) air pollution detected in our home which is reassuring. Also knowing that the smaller particles in the air have now pretty much been removed is going to help me sleep at night.

Other sensors

Another great feature of this device is the carbon monoxide sensor and alert system. If like us you have log burning stove then this is a very handy addition to have. It will automatically sense deadly carbon monoxide in the air and warn you if there are unsafe levels. This will also apply to open fires and gas boilers that might be leaking. This is a life saver and every home with one of these appliances should have a carbon monoxide detector.

Cooking smells

After running for about 20 minutes the H-Purifier reached green. (Excellent air quality) This was pretty good for a 37 square meter room. This was in the open plan kitchen, diner and snug area of our home. I wanted to see what happened when I started cooking. Whilst the air purifier was on green, I started cooking. The air purifier was located in the snug area, some 7 meters away from the kitchen hob. About 3 minutes after I started cooking the H-Purifier 300 automatically started up again. It could sense the change in air quality easily from this distance.

cooking smells

The cooking smells of the sizzling onion and boiling vegetables quickly disappeared and the whole room stayed fresh and clear. Normally, after cooking, the whole downstairs area smalls like food. Not this time. The ultimate test is going to be curry night!

How often will I need to run the air purifier?

When auto mode is selected the H-Purifier 300 will automatically detect the air quality and turn itself on or off as required. Once it reaches ‘Green’ or excellent air quality it will turn itself off. Should you open the doors and windows to allow un-pure air into the house it may well start up again to clean the air. It all depends on the quality of the outside air and how easily it flows around your home.

Who is the Hoover H-Purifier designed for?

Do you suffer from air born pollen, toxins or other allergies? If yes, then this device could be ideal for you. You may also live in a city centre or near busy roads where air pollution is high. In these cases you could certainly benefit from an air purifier. Some people go as far as installing a whole house HVAC with air filtration systems but these can cost thousands of pounds. These kind of systems might be suitable for those with sever allergies but for everyone else the Hoover H-Purifier 300 can manage large areas of the home and are portable enough to move around as required.

Reuben allergies

Final thoughts

I’ve been testing the Hoover H-Purifier now for about a week and happy to say that it has delivered what it is designed to do. Our air is cleaner, less smelly and we have peace of mind that our son’s allergies aren’t going to be a problem again in our home.

What do I love about the Hoover H-Purifier 300?

  • It does what it’s meant to. Purify the air around our home. As far as I can tell it does this quickly and efficiently.
  • I can control it from my smart phone, anywhere in the world!
  • I can monitor the air quality in my home, as well as outside my home quickly and easily through the hOn app.
  • It looks nice and fits with our decor. The stylish design is a good fit for our home.
  • It’s portable enough to move from room to room easily. The two carry handles make this easy.
  • It’s super quiet at night.
  • It’s been tested and approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

What could be improved?

  • It’s quite big. Not so much an issue for me but my wife said it’s quite inconspicuous. Could it be made any smaller?
  • I honestly can’t think of anything else I would change!

I don’t really have anything negative to say about this product. It’s easy to setup and operate and does what it is supposed to. The real test will be this summer when pollen counts are at their highest. My son is the real sufferer here so I’ll be updating this review at a later date. Please check back for my updated verdict later in the summer.

Buy direct from Hoover and get £120 off

You can buy the H-Purifier 300 directly from the Hoover website. They currently have £120 off this product which is a fantastic saving.

Click here for £120 off – direct from Hoover

More Hoover H-Purifier models

There are two other H-Purifier models in the Hoover range. I have reviewed the 300 but there is also a 500 and 700 model. Here is a quick comparison chart between the three:

h-purifier comparison chart

When moving up to the H-Purifier 500 you get a higher delivery rate (290-330), an aroma diffuser and real time air quality display. Go up to the 700 and you will have the humidifier functionality. This can be handy in the winter when the indoor air can be very dry. The H-Purifier 700 has the ability to add moisture back into the room to help alleviate dry lips, skins and eyes.

Read more about these three products here:

Thanks for reading this review. I hope it helps you decide if this is the product you are looking for. Please feel free to leave a comment below or ask any questions. I aim to reply within one week.

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