Low-maintenance garden makeover ideas

Low-maintenance garden makeover ideas

Gardening can be a relaxing and rewarding hobby, but not everyone has the time or energy to devote to high-maintenance landscaping. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-maintenance garden makeover ideas that can help you create a beautiful outdoor space without spending hours each week tending to it. We’ve included some of our favourite tried and tested low-maintenance garden makeover projects to inspire you.

Whether you have a small balcony, a modest backyard, or a large property, there are plenty of ways to incorporate low-maintenance design elements into your garden. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best low-maintenance garden makeover ideas that can help you achieve a stunning and hassle-free outdoor space. From choosing the right plants to incorporating hardscaping elements, we’ll provide plenty of inspiration for creating a low-maintenance garden that you’ll love to spend time in.

Plants and flowers

Investing in plants is a great way to instantly elevate your outdoor space. Not only are plants stylish accents that can bring life to any area, but many of them are also easy to care for and maintain. Whether you’re looking for something bright and colourful or more subdued and natural, there are plenty of options available that will fit any style.

flowers on pergola

Here is a list of low-maintenance garden plants that are suitable for a northern hemisphere climate:

  1. Lavender: A popular choice for its fragrance and hardiness, lavender thrives in dry soil and full sun.
  2. Hebe: This evergreen shrub requires little maintenance and produces beautiful flowers in summer and autumn.
  3. Geranium: Geraniums are easy to grow and require minimal watering. They come in a variety of colours and can be grown in containers or in the ground.
  4. Hosta: These shade-loving plants are ideal for low-maintenance gardens. They come in a variety of leaf colours and textures and require little watering.
  5. Sedum: Sedums are drought-tolerant and thrive in full sun. They come in a range of colours and are ideal for ground cover or in rock gardens.
  6. Euphorbia: Euphorbias are hardy plants that come in a variety of colours and textures. They require little water and can be grown in full sun or partial shade.
  7. Phormium: This New Zealand native plant is drought-tolerant and requires minimal maintenance. Its striking foliage makes it a great addition to any garden.
  8. Hellebore: Hellebores are evergreen and produce beautiful flowers in winter and early spring. They thrive in shady areas and require minimal watering.
  9. Yucca: Yuccas are drought-tolerant and can grow in a range of soil types. They produce striking foliage and require minimal maintenance.
  10. Iris: Irises are hardy and come in a range of colours. They require minimal watering and can be grown in containers or in the ground.

These are just a few examples of low-maintenance garden plants that can thrive in cooler climates. When choosing plants for your garden, it’s important to consider your soil type, light condition and climate zone to ensure that they will thrive in your specific location.

Plants can often make an outdoor space feel more inviting and cosy — perfect for those summer days spent outdoors with friends or family. You can choose from a range of annuals, perennials, succulents, shrubs, trees, and vines depending on the amount of sunlight your garden receives as well as the climate in which you live.

Find suitable outdoor furniture

Investing in furniture for your garden is an important decision that can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get caught up in the look of a piece and forget to consider its practicality. If you live with family or pets, easy to clean furniture should be at the top of your priority list when it comes to purchasing. The same rules apply to outdoor furniture.  Dust, rain and other types of weather can be harsh on materials so be sure to invest in something durable and easy to clean.  You will also want to protect your furniture when not in use for long periods of time.

small decking area outdoor seating

Luxurious fabrics may appear inviting, but they are not ideal if you are looking for fuss-free maintenance. Instead, opt for materials like vinyl or faux leather which can all be wiped down quickly and efficiently with a damp cloth or paper towel. Microfiber couches are also very popular due to their ability to withstand stains and dirt as it is designed with tightly woven fibres that make it difficult for dust particles to penetrate the surface.

Invest in lighting

Investing in outdoor lighting can be a game-changer for your outdoor space. It can create a warm and inviting atmosphere while also improving safety and security. Properly placed lighting can highlight features of your outdoor space such as a water feature or a beautiful tree.

outdoor lighting ideas festoon

Additionally, energy-efficient lighting such as LED or solar-powered options can save you money on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint. With the right lighting, you can enjoy your outdoor space well into the night, extending your time spent outside and enhancing your overall experience.

Artwork and sculptures

Artwork can be a game-changer in any space. Whether you are looking to bring character to a room or create an ambience, artwork can do just that. Art pieces not only add visual interest and colour to the space, but they can also tell a story about your personality and interests.

dragon sculpture for garden

Here are some examples of artwork and sculptures that can add personality and visual interest to your outdoor space:

  • Garden sculptures: Sculptures made from materials like metal, stone, or wood can add a unique touch to your outdoor space. They can come in various sizes and designs, from small animal figurines to large abstract pieces.
  • Wall art: Outdoor wall art can add a pop of colour and interest to your patio or garden. Consider hanging a painting or print on an exterior wall or fence to create a focal point.
  • Water features: A water feature like a fountain or waterfall can be both visually appealing and relaxing. The sound of running water can create a peaceful and calming atmosphere in your outdoor space.
  • Outdoor murals: If you have a large wall or fence, consider commissioning an outdoor mural. It can add a unique and artistic touch to your outdoor space while also showcasing your personality and interests.
  • Mosaic tiles: Mosaic tiles can be used to create beautiful outdoor art pieces, like a table or a wall hanging. They come in various colours and patterns, allowing you to create a unique piece that reflects your style.
  • Wind chimes: Wind chimes can add a musical element to your outdoor space, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. They come in various designs and materials, from bamboo to metal, allowing you to choose one that fits your aesthetic.
mosaic patterns on garden floor

Consider an outdoor kitchen

Cooking outdoors has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the installation of outdoor kitchens proving to be a great investment in both your home and lifestyle. An outdoor kitchen can provide a relaxing and functional area in your garden, allowing you to expand your living space and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Cooking outdoors can also be healthier, as grilling or roasting your food can reduce the amount of fat in your meals. Furthermore, incorporating fresh herbs and vegetables from your garden into your dishes can make them more nutritious and flavorful.

One of the best things about installing an outdoor kitchen is that you can customize it to your exact specifications. You can choose the appliances, countertops, and layout that work best for you and your family, creating a personalized outdoor cooking and dining experience that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are a great way to add some texture and pattern to your outdoor space. They also help define different areas of your patio or deck, making the space feel more cohesive and intentional. Outdoor rugs are not only functional but can also add a touch of warmth and comfort to your outdoor living space. Plus, they are easy to clean with a hose or a pressure washer, making them a low-maintenance option for your patio or deck. Whether you have a small balcony or a large backyard, an outdoor rug can help create an inviting and stylish outdoor oasis.

Add a veranda for shade and protection from the weather

While the sun is lovely, too much of it can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. Adding some shade to your outdoor space can help keep you cool and protected from harmful UV rays. Options include a pergola, a canopy, or an umbrella.

veranda with swinging chairs

In addition to providing shade, adding a veranda to your outdoor space can also protect you and your furniture from the elements. A covered area like a veranda can help keep rain, snow, and debris off of your outdoor furniture, keeping it clean and extending its lifespan. Depending on the size and design of your veranda, it can also add extra living space to your home, providing a comfortable spot to relax, entertain, or dine outdoors.

Add decorative planters

Adding decorative planters filled with plants or flowers is an easy way to add some colour and interest to your outdoor space.  You can incorporate seating into your planters for a multi-purpose accent to your outdoor space

planter with seating flowers

By incorporating some or all of these ideas, you can transform your outdoor space into a stylish and functional area that you’ll love spending time in.

Install a porcelain patio

Adding a porcelain tile patio to your garden offers many benefits, including low maintenance, durability, aesthetic appeal, and increased property value. Porcelain tiles are a practical choice for patios as they are resistant to moisture, stains, and fading. They require little maintenance, only need cleaning with soap and water, and are not prone to scratches or chips.

porcelain tile patio for garden

Porcelain tiles come in various colours, patterns, and textures, making it easy to choose a style that complements your garden’s design. The patio’s polished look enhances the overall appearance of your outdoor space. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, a porcelain tile patio adds an attractive and functional outdoor living space that can increase the value of your property.


Adding stylish accents to your outdoor space is a simple and cost-effective way to make it look beautiful. Start by picking one or two elements that reflect your style, and then add more pieces as you go. When looking for furniture or decor items, consider options like wicker, metal, and wood. You can also add some plants and flowers to your outdoor space to bring in some natural beauty.

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