The difference between eclectic and bohemian interior design styles

The average homeowner doesn’t know the definitions of interior design styles. Most believe that eclectic style simply means that you don’t follow the rules and buy pieces that reflect your personality and unique flair. This is a common misconception. In reality, the eclectic style has never been about breaking the rules – just bending them a little. Hiring a professional interior designer like De Panache Interior designers can make a big difference in the outcome of your home decor. Whether you’re going for eclectic styles, bohemian or contemporary feels a well-trained interior designer with experience can help deliver your vision.

Today the bohemian style is gaining traction, and it can be difficult to see the difference in the two. We’ll explain more in the post about the differences.  If you’re ready to start furniture shopping then you can find lots of staple furniture pieces to buy online at But, to begin, let’s start with the actual definition of the eclectic design style.

What is eclectic interior design?

An eclectic design incorporates design elements from multiple styles, tastes, and furniture collections. Many people using the eclectic style also have furnishings and decor from decades gone by. It gives your space a unique look, but there are still some rules that need to be followed.

Primarily, when you use the eclectic style you will still keep to similar styles. For example, you wouldn’t pair an industrial look with a country cottage look. While it is fine to be creative, you don’t want your living room to turn out gaudy. You can contrast complementary colours and patterns as well, but don’t get too carried away.  You want it to look stylish and not a mess!

What is the bohemian style in interior design?

The bohemian style may look eclectic on the surface, but in reality it is true freedom as an interior designer. As the name suggests, the bohemian style throws all rules out the window. There is often a mix of decades, styles, themes, and patterns. Part of the style also involves using complimentary but contrasting texture on texture for a bold look.

You truly never know what to expect with a bohemian space. There is definitely an art to tying together so many unlikely furniture pieces and decor.

How are eclectic and bohemian styles different?

The primary difference between the eclectic and bohemian styles is the use of natural materials. Bohemian spaces are almost always eco-friendly, with the use of natural wood grains, natural fibres, and earthy colours and themes. Because these homeowners are all about sustainability and reducing waste, you can find a broad variety of antique, vintage, and modern furniture and decor in a bohemian space, and, according to global flower delivery, the interior is always topped off with exotic plants and fresh-cut flowers.

The other main difference between bohemian and eclectic styles is that a truly bohemian style can be almost anything. There are literally no rules to follow, other than “there are no rules.” If you really don’t care about interior design and just want to personalise your space, this is the way to do it and defend it as an interior design category.

Regardless of which style you want to use to decorate your home, you’ll find great furniture and decor online. Whether you want vintage pieces, new but distressed furniture, antiques, or transitional pieces, you can find almost any furniture you want online. Next, go to an online furniture store and browse to see all of the possibilities!


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