Verve garden Hose Reel

Verve auto rewind garden hose reel review

I decided to write something on my blog about this because, well, it’s a great product.  I’ve not written a product review before but felt this was a great product to start with. We’ve only owned it a few days but it transformed the daily watering tasks and made this mundane chore that little bit easier, a great time saver too.  With two kids, a full time job, a wife to please, a house to do up and a joinery/woodwork hobby, every minute counts.  The product I’ll review in this blog post is the Verve Wall Mounted Hose Reel with auto rewind feature.

We found this automatic retractable garden hose reel in B&Q priced at £70.  We had only gone there to get a plant for the veranda and ended up buying this too.  It was somewhat of an impulse buy but we just had to.  We’d been looking at these for a year or so and previously only found other brands priced around the £100 mark.  I saw it on the shelf and called Victoria over, “look at this Vic” I said.  We both looked at it for a second, then at each other.  “Lets get it”, we both said at the same time.

Verve garden hose reel

I have to admit, I was a little wary about it at first because it was nearly half the price of  the ones we’d seen previously and 2/3 the price of their rivals products in B&Q.  We’ve had it a few days now and so far so good, no leaks, sturdy build, good fit and best of all it does what it’s meant to.

Verve garden hose reel

What does this hose reel do that our old one didn’t?

  • This is wall mounted so it fits neatly onto the side of the house in a convenient location which looks much nicer than a reel that sits on the floor.  The wall mount also swivels from side to side so you can pull it out at about 150 degrees.
  • The colour matches our garden fence and the green grass.  Minor details but it suits our garden.
  •  Automatically retractable which means no more winding in with a handle, just pull and release.  This is the real time saver.  I can pull the hose out to where I want to be and let go and it automatically locks in place.  To reel back in I just give it a little pull and walk it back into the housing.  Super easy, I love it!  There is also a cool little device that ensures the hose winds evenly onto the reel and doesn’t clump up on one side.  It’s really quite a clever design.
  • It comes with a standard hose spray end piece but this is interchangeable with any upgrade.  We had a Hozelock multi end which fit right on.  Just click and it’s done.
  • There’s a little clip beneath so you can clip the spray piece into place to keep it safe.
  • 25 meters length should be long enough fo most urban household gardens.  Ours is about 28 meters long so just short but luckily we don’t have anything that needs watering at that end of the garden.  If we did a water can would do the job or I’d turn the long spray option on to shoot from a distance.

After a few days of use I’m dead chuffed with our purchase.  It’s made my life easier and it doesn’t look half bad.  I’d recommend it to friends and family who are fed up with reeling in or leaving out untidy looking hoses. It’s early days for this product so not sure how long it will last but I’ll post an update in a year’s time to see how things are going.

Verve garden hose reel
Me enjoying my new hose

In summary, this is well worth a look if you want to simplify your garden watering needs.  It’s very affordable, good looking, sturdy and quick and easy to use.  Well done Verve for this great product.

Click here to see the hose we purchased from B&Q

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