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Verve Auto Rewind Garden Hose Reel Review

The Verve Auto Rewind Garden Hose Reel is a game-changer for anyone tired of the hassle and tangles that come with traditional hose storage. Designed with convenience and functionality in mind, this innovative hose reel takes the chore out of watering your garden or cleaning your outdoor space. With its automatic rewinding feature, sturdy construction, and user-friendly design, the Verve Auto Rewind Garden Hose Reel has made a positive impact on our watering needs. In this review, I’ll take a closer look at the key features, performance, and overall value of this remarkable garden tool.

Verve garden hose reel

We found this automatic retractable garden hose reel in B&Q priced at £70 (in 2018).  We had only gone there to get a plant for the veranda and ended up buying this too.  It was somewhat of an impulse buy but it completely made sense.  We’d been looking at these for a year or so and previously only found other brands priced around the £100 mark.  The price point was attractive but we didn’t know much about the brand and couldn’t find any reviews online. We took a bit of a gamble and purchased it there and then.

I have to admit, I was a little wary about it at first because it was nearly half the price of the ones we’d seen previously and 2/3 the price of their rivals’ products in B&Q.  We’ve had it a few days now and so far so good, no leaks, sturdy build, good fit and best of all it does what it’s meant to.

(Read on below to see our updated verdict nearly 5 years on!)

How does the Verve hose reel improve upon our old one?

The Verve hose reel offers several significant advantages over our previous model. Firstly, its wall-mounted design allows for a tidy and convenient storage solution that complements the overall appearance of our house. Gone are the days of a reel sitting on the floor, as this reel seamlessly integrates onto the side of the house. What’s more, the wall mount is equipped with a swivel feature, allowing us to easily pull the hose out at approximately 150 degrees, providing greater flexibility and accessibility.

In terms of functionality, the automatic retractable feature is a game-changer. No longer do we need to spend time winding the hose manually; now, we simply pull and release. This time-saving mechanism allows us to effortlessly extend the hose to our desired location, where it automatically locks in place. To retract the hose, a gentle pull is all it takes, and the reel smoothly guides it back into the housing. The inclusion of a clever device ensures that the hose winds evenly onto the reel, preventing any clumping on one side—an ingenious design feature.

The Verve hose reel comes with a standard hose spray end piece, but the beauty lies in its versatility. This end piece can be easily swapped out with any upgrade, such as our Hozelock multi-end, by a simple click-and-connect mechanism. Additionally, the reel includes a convenient clip beneath it, allowing us to securely fasten the spray piece, ensuring it remains safe and easily accessible whenever needed.

Verve garden hose reel
Me enjoying my new hose

With a length of 25 meters, the hose proves to be sufficient for most urban household gardens. Although our garden measures about 28 meters in length, the extra length is not a problem as we rarely need to water anything at that far end. In such cases, a water can suffice or, alternatively, we can activate the long spray option to water from a distance—an added benefit.

One standout feature of the Verve hose reel is its detachable reel. When the need arises, we can effortlessly remove the reel from its wall mounting by unclipping the metal pin located underneath and sliding it out. This versatility allows us to conveniently move the reel to other areas as required, such as washing the cars at the front of the house.

Overall, our purchase of the Verve hose reel has proven to be highly satisfactory. It has not only simplified our lives but also enhanced the aesthetic appeal of our garden. Without hesitation, I would recommend it to friends and family who are tired of dealing with messy, unruly hoses or who simply desire a more organised and efficient watering solution.

Update – July 2023

Well, it’s still going strong! Over 5 years later and we still have this Verve auto rewind hose reel. I’m sure your all dying to know how it’s lasted over this time.

Firstly, and most importantly, it’s still working as well as the first day we purchased it. Pull to release and pull again to rewind. No issues whatsoever! I thought the rewind spring would deteriorate over time but it’s still functioning as well as the day we first installed it.

The colour has faded over the years but this is to be expected. Whilst it doesn’t look as pretty as it used to we have managed to install it out of sign in our new house. It still functions as required so the fact that it now looks old and worn isn’t a major issue for us.

Verve auto rewind hose reel faded

We’ve replaced the head a couple of times now. One thing we’ve noticed with the Hoselock heads and other similar brands is that they don’t tend to last. It’s normally over the winter time that the issue occurs. I’d recommend removing the head over winter to prevent damage to the head. What happens is, the water inside the head freezes and expands which in turn splits the plastic casing.

Verve auto rewind hose reel front

The metal clips that retains the reel to the mounting and corroded quite badly. This isn’t a major issue as its still working fine but I’m sure in a few years this will break and need to be replaced.

Verve auto rewind hose head

In summary, this is well worth a look if you want to simplify your garden watering needs.  It’s very affordable, good looking, sturdy and quick and easy to use.  Well done Verve for this great product.

Verve have recently released a new version of this popular hose reel which I can’t vouch for, but if it’s as good as this one then it’s worth looking at. View the listing here:

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