How To Create A Modern Minimalist Patio

The great summer is only a few months away and if you are looking forward to entertaining on your deck, it can get a bit crowded, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to give your terrace a minimalist look.

DIY Porcelain Patio

Create A Layout Diagram

Get a sheet of A3 and draw your terrace, to scale if possible, and this will give you a base shape, which is likely rectangular or square. Minimalist means very few items, so stick to the basic furniture, chairs and a coffee table, and make good use of walls. Having a chrome drinks trolley on wheels is a great idea, as this can be wheeled away when not in use, and it can be left in a central position when entertaining. If you cut coloured pieces of paper to represent furniture items and stick them on your layout plan, then you can create the terrace before actually building it.


This is the key to a minimalist layout. With a hanging egg pod chairs and a few small potted plants at the right height, you can keep your floor space free. Rattan hanging chairs are stylish and very comfortable if you wish to immerse yourself in that latest novel, and with a naturally woven hammock in a shaded corner, you have the perfect relaxation set up.

Use Of Colour

Minimalist does not mean the absence of colour, far from it, and with a base neutral colour, you can add colour with items like footstools, planters and wall art at the rear. Pastel colour beanbags are great for seating, and stick with soft shades, avoiding anything glossy. Beige is a wonderful shade for garden furniture. Green should be a main colour, with varying shades from the lawn and shrubs, and light grey works with this combination.

Clean Lines

Keep furniture with straight lines, as minimalist is a streamlined look, and if you have timber decking, arrange the furniture at an angle to the deck planks. Google will find you some breath-taking images of cool minimalist terraces, which will give you some inspiration, and if you decide on some major changes, call in a local landscape gardener, who can create an ideal relaxation area. More ideas on minimalist gardens can be found online.

Choosing Outdoor Furniture

There are some great deals to be had with online suppliers of outdoor furniture, and a Google search will bring up a list, where you can view quality rattan and wicker-resin furniture that is built to last, while a couple of hanging egg chairs will really open up your floor space, and with online shopping, you get free delivery and do not have to worry about COVID-19, which is currently a global issue.

The Internet can give you all the inspiration you need, and online suppliers of outdoor furniture will ensure that your patio is a comfortable and minimalist area for you and your family to relax. Decide what you are going to retain from the existing look and build from there, and if your decking has seen better days, now would be the time to replace it with seasoned hardwood.

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