Tips to create more space in your home instead of moving

Sometimes we just love our homes so much that we don’t ever want to move or leave it. But, as our families grow, or our lifestyle changes then the space in our homes can get a little tight.  Creating space can be tricky but with a few key ideas you can make more.

Often at this stage you might consider moving, even if you don’t really want to. But before you make that huge decision, there might be ways you can create more space within your existing home.

Here are some suggestions to consider.

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Firstly, declutter and look into storage options

Homes can quite easily, and quickly, become overrun with stuff and things, especially if you have babies and children.

Clutter can make our homes feel much more enclosed and smaller than they really are.  If too much stuff is taking over your home then it’s time to reclaim that space!

Having a thorough declutter is a good start by sorting through everything and choosing items to go to charity, recycle, sell or keep.

Once you have decided on which items to keep you’ll need somewhere to store them to ensure you are reclaiming that space you want back.

Storage solutions

Look into storage options to make things tidier and to control all your bits and pieces. Organise your cupboards and drawers to create more space too.  Be ruthless and only keep the things you really need and want.

Adding new cupboards or shelves so that things have a place to stay and be stored is a great idea if you have the space to do so.

It’s a good idea to make use of wasted space too such as under the bed or above the wardrobe. You can even create under stairs drawers.

Invest in under bed storage such as a pull out draw or shallow plastic storage tubs.

Whilst piles of boxes on top of a wardrobe may look unsightly, consider having a custom cupboard built above the wardrobe to the ceiling in the style of the wardrobe.  You’ll be amazed at how much storage space this can provide!

Once your home is decluttered and everything has a storage space out of sight, you can begin to see just how much space you really have in your home.

Add a conservatory to create more space

If you have enough outdoor space then you might want to consider adding a conservatory to your home. Not only will this create more living space for your home, but it can even add value to your property as it’s technically a whole extra room.

You could consider a diy conservatory if you have the right skillset or most of us would need to pay for a company to do the installation and even design. They don’t take too long to put up and can be a much cheaper alternative than buying a bigger house.

A conservatory can be used as a dining room, playroom or even an extra sitting room.

Convert your garage into an actual room

Often a house can have garage, but not all of us store our cars in them.   Usually the garage becomes a place for us to store all our junk, a bit like the attic!

Perhaps it’s time to sort through your garage and turn it into an actual room instead.

Again, this will improve the value of your home as it will add either an extra reception room or even bedroom.

A converted garage could be used as a garage game room, dining room, family room, playroom or home office.  Ours is currently used as our office and the kids playroom to make the most of the extra room.

Could a spare room be a playroom?

Finally, often the biggest issue that families have when it comes to the space in their home is that they can be overrun with kids toys and their belongings.

If the kids have so much stuff that they barely play with it all then it’s time to sort through and give away or sell the items that are never touched.

Sometimes kids have so many toys that it’s overwhelming and they simply don’t play with them all or know where to begin.

Having less toys can actually mean they play with them as intended and enjoy them more.  A minimal toy collection could be the solution.

Or, if you have a spare bedroom, could it be turned into a playroom?  How often do you really have guests staying in your spare bedroom?  Perhaps it could have a better use, or two uses.

A playroom gives you a place to store everything for your children and keep the rest of your home tidy and spacious.

If you don’t have a spare room then perhaps some siblings might like to share a bedroom and then have the other room as a playroom.

Complement yourcreate space interior

As the wardrobe is custom made you’ll be able to choose the exact materials and colours to suit the rest of your bedroom interior so it blends in seamlessly.  You’ll have a choice of several doors including sliding doors or even mirrors.  Choose a high quality finish and materials to ensure the longevity of your purchase.

Is moving the right choice?

Whilst moving house might seem like the obvious option, it’s not your only choice and it could be more expensive than creating more space in your existing home.

There are other options too such as attic conversions and garden rooms which we haven’t explored in this blog post, but really the possibilities to create affordable space in your current home really are endless.

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