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What interior design styles do young people prefer and why

Style can be created in many different ways and different aspects to get the best out of an interior space. Young people bring fresh new perspectives on interior design. Just take a look at Helen Coulston for example, with her less traditional, contemporary views of how an interior should look. Styles come and go but finding the perfect timeless look can be achieved with a little thought and imagination. That’s where young people come into the equation.

With the many different design styles available, some may choose one theme or may try a mix of themes throughout an interior. A rustic theme can be great and will allow the person to produce an interior on a budget by using older style furniture and revamping it. Others might prefect a more luxurious feel with a fine blend of elegant and exquisite furnishing like those from Astoundingbattersea.co.uk. Whilst the two themes are very unlikely to exist together they both exist in a young peoples homes.

Let’s take a look at some other interior design themes and styles to further understand why they might be an option for a young professional or entrepreneur.

Mid-century modern

It seems this style runs the table since most millennials are obsessed with it. Nobody can say why they opt for it and whether a current pace of life with all these challenges affects their interior decisions. Nonetheless, young people strive to have more free space around them and get rid of all these bulky things their parents and grannies love so much.

They choose simple yet comfortable furniture that contributes to relaxation after a hard day in college or work. Therefore, the modern style suggests clear lines and simple combinations of colours. It should contribute to the sense of simplicity, so all décor elements should adhere to this concept. All the surfaces should be smooth and preferably one-coloured.


It has become the trend in different life spheres for the last few years, so it is not surprising interior design hasn’t become an exception. Moreover, it often goes hand in hand with eco-friendliness since young people are concerned about the perseverance of nature and improving the ecological situation globally. Thus, people take the modern style as a foundation and simplify it even more. It will be about ultra-clear interior lines, neutral and airy colours (preferably white) with bright décor elements.

However, you shouldn’t overdo it with the latter, so it is better to spend time looking for the perfect options. “Less is more” is the philosophy of this interior design style that suggests easy maintenance of order and cleanliness in the apartment. And eco-trend highlights the usage of eco-friendly materials. Thus, busy people who have to meet a dozen daily challenges choose this style to make their lives easier and support nature.


It has been here for a while already, but it seems it will not give up and lose its scores soon. Young couples, office workers in their 30s, and active youth opt for this style. Today, loft apartments have become more comfortable for living, and rough décor hasn’t ceased to be authentic. Designers achieve the desired result with special materials, so you don’t need to purchase an old commercial building to get the loft-style.

You should just create the sense of incompleteness in separate elements. For instance, it can be about a brick wall and uncovered ventilation system. It must be a space with a high ceiling, so you can hang on some massive metal lamps. A successful combination of old-school and even neglected elements with something completely ultra-modern is the style’s main feature. If you decide to decorate your apartment with paintings, opt for abstract options or pictures in massive frames.


Even though it is a separate interior design style, it has many things in common with the first two items on the list. Scandinavian style is about life simplicity that you can feel in the countries of northern Europe. Young people like it for lightness and naturalness. It is more about famous “hygge” than showing off.

The citizens of northern countries are not interested in luxury since coziness comes to the fore for them. Many people look for inspiration on Pinterest since it is full of pictures of this stunning interior design. It is about simple lines and natural colours, so you can take white shades and combine them with some natural-looking elements. The same goes for lighting, so you can add only several bright elements to make the apartment more vivid. If you don’t know what exactly to choose, opt for the options that trigger pleasant feelings and emotions.

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