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How to choose the right post shoe

So, you’ve been looking into post shoes but don’t know which one to choose for your garden fence or your gazebo. Perhaps you’ve never heard about post shoes, and are now curious to know more. Either way, today I’m talking about everything and anything post shoe.

What are post shoes?

This would be the first question you’d be asking yourself if you’ve never heard about post shoes. I’ve reached out to the experts, Speedy Fixings, post shoe supplier, to explain. The team at Speedy Fixings explained that post shoes, also known as post supports, fence post shoes and post support shoes, are steel bases designed to fit wooden posts.

These bases are usually bolted down to concrete to ensure the wooden post stays in place. As Welsh Mum says in a recent blog post, “These post supports or post shoes are installed on wooden posts of fences or other outdoor structures to add extra stability and support whilst protecting the wooden post from water, insect and fungal damage.”

Benefits of post shoes

A quick recap of the advantages of using post shoes.

  • Add extra stability and support to timber posts.
  • Provide a longer lifespan to wooden posts.
  • Create a barrier from the ground and the wooden post.
  • Protect wooden posts from water damage, fungal damage and insect damage.
  • Reduces the chance of rooting.

How to choose the right post shoe

Speedy Fixings further explained to me that there are various post shoes to choose from, including heavy-duty post shoes and elevated post shoes. If you need assistance to perfectly pick the right post shoe, I’d recommend talking to the Speedy Fixings team, who have the experience and expertise to help you choose the right solution for your requirements.

Heavy-duty post shoes

Heavy-duty post shoes are ideal for heavy-duty applications. These are suitable to offer support to larger outdoor structures such as gazebos and pergolas.

post shoe

Lightweight post shoes

Lightweight post shoes can be used to quickly put up fence wooden posts and other lightweight timber posts.

post shoe

Elevated post shoes

Elevated post shoes fit inside wooden posts for a clean and aesthetic pleasing look. Adjustable elevated posts are also an option. These fix wooden posts at height while offering a level of adjustment.

post shoe
post shoe

Custom made post shoes

Custom made post shoes are made to your requirements. At Speedy Fixings, they can create bespoke post shoes in their warehouse. Contact their team if you need a custom fence post shoe or any other type of post support.

post shoe

I think that post shoes are a great addition to your outdoor structures. Don’t just take it from me though! Let Them Be Small recommends post shoes if you are thinking of improving your garden fence.

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